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Cedar Lake Sidewalk Restoration

The Client had an existing flagstone sidewalk that had mortar in the joints between the flagstone pieces. It was cracking and chipping away. Not only was it not holding up well, it didn't look good either, the flagstone is dark and the mortar is more white.
We removed the mortar and installed a product called Gator Dust. It is meant for larger joints. We used a grey color to complement the flagstone pieces.

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Crown Point Pond Renovation

When the Client purchased their home, the pond was already there. However, it didn't function properly. The Client was constantly adjusting and repairing parts of the pond when he should have been relaxing and enjoying it.
We completed a complete renovation on the pond. All of the existing parts (liner, skimmer, biofalls, etc.) were replaced with Aquascape products. The stream was reconstructed so that it didn't look like a pile of rocks, and rock was installed throughout the pond.

portage pondless waterfall, ponds water features

Portage Pondless Waterfall

We constructed a small pondless waterfall in the back yard of this property using granite boulders and Aquascape components.

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Schererville Pondless Waterfall Renovation

You can see a dramatic transformation in this project. We renovated this pondless waterfall and installed Aquascape products as well as granite boulders.

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Crown Point Pond 2

This pond was installed using Aquascape materials and granite boulders.

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Crayon Water Feature

This water fountain was constructed using PVC pipe for the crayons and Aquascape products for the basin. Water shoots through the top of the crayons and spills over into the basin.

crown point pondless waterfall, landscape, ponds water features

Crown Point Pondless Waterfall

This pondless waterfall was constructed using Aquascape components.

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Crown Point Pond

Our Client was unhappy with both the aesthetics and functionality of their pond. They wanted a more natural looking pond that functioned properly. So, we reconstructed the waterfall and pond edge and incorporated some larger boulders to give it a more natural appearance. We also installed Aquascape components so that the pond will function correctly.

crown point pond renovation, landscape, ponds water features

Crown Point Pond

As you can see from the photos, this pond went through a major transformation. The Client had a preformed plastic basin with a spillway. We removed the existing components and installed Aquascape products, not to mention added the boulders.

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