splatter paint plates

Splatter Paint Plates

I received these gorgeous plates as a present and wasnt thrilled with how white they were. The plates themselves are amazing and great for serving but needed a little but more color. After searching the internet for ideas, I found something awesome.

circular photo display

Circular Photo Display

I had seen this gorgeous circular photo collage on Pinterest and instead of buying it, I decided to DIY it. It didn't come out exactly as planned but it still is pretty cute.

wedding candle votives

Wedding Candle Votives

I have a very specific idea in my head of what I want my table centerpieces to look like. I completely blame Pinterest. My florist totally gets my vibe, but didn't have the votives I was searching for. Naturally, I searched the internet and still could not find exactly what I am looking for so I DIY-ed it!

rejuvenate with natural dye

Rejuvenate With Natural Dye

I bought two cute Ikea ottomans second hand for very cheap and obviously they had many stains on the covers. I've had them for maybe two years (I hate to admit) and I have tried just about everything to get them clean. Bleach, scrubbing, vinegar, all of the tricks and nothing has worked. Finally I caved and decided to straight up dye them.

pinterest influencer library update

Pinterest Influencer Library Update

Hey Partners,Below is a very detailed description of the type of content that will end up in each section. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask :)Raquel

photo gallery

Photo Gallery

For some reason when my washing machine was delivered, it came with a few very random planks of wood that's sole purpose was to keep the washer moving around in the box. So creative me thought well, 'who doesn't love random planks of wood?!'

updated my jar collection

Updated My Jar Collection

So like every other millennial, I am obsessed with jars. After the course of a few months of collecting, (and fighting off my fiance's hatred of my collecting) I decided it was time to make them all uniform.

visual organization

A Cute Way To Stay Organized :)

My boyfriend and I have been talking a lot about getting organized as a couple. Then he popped the question and that boyfriend became my fiance. So now we have a wedding to plan which is exciting, but also requires a lot of work. In order to stay extra organized, we decided to get a white board to remind us of exactly what we need to get done.

a boring wall gets a fairy light update

A Boring Wall Gets a Fairy Light Update

I was sick and tired of looking at my blank white wall, so I got creative. I had some fairy lights that I had bought and never ended up using. So this was the perfect opportunity to hang them. At first I was thinking about just stringing them and then I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration. I really wanted to write something out, but everything seemed a little too cliche for my taste. After finding an inspirational picture of a moon, the light bulb went on! I gathered my materials and got to work.

simple cabinet update

Simple Cabinet Update

I just moved into a new apartment and the cabinets weren't looking so hot. They desperately needed a new paint job both inside and outside. I decided to take measures into my own hands and even give them a pop of color in an all white walled rental. The cabinets were a weird grayish white and the insides were just faded and gross from use over time.

Raquel Amster
Raquel Amster