Can someone point me to an excellent tutorial on how to hang bead board wallpaper?

I'm either looking for a video or an accompanied by pictures how to hang bead board wallpaper. My biggest concern is working in the corners -- both inner and outer.
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  • Kathy R Kathy R on Jul 03, 2012
    Frankly no matter how many videos you watch you will only get the idea when you hang it. It will give you tips on where to start etc. The bead board paper is thick I think ? I hung some thick embossed paper in my bath rooms EASY as pie ! Have a long table covered with plastic and roll or brush the paste onto the back of the paper, goes right up, no water mess, no ripping, easier to trim cause its not mushy from water and few air bubbles.

  • Nutmeg Place Nutmeg Place on Jul 03, 2012
    I don't have a tutorial. But, I've used it several times and it's easy as can be. Just be sure to use a VERY sharp blade when you cut it. Otherwise it will pull.

  • @Woodbridge Environmental - thank you so much! That video was so helpful ..

  • Rhoda V Rhoda V on Jul 05, 2012
    Beadboard wallpaper is my specialty! I fell in love with it in 2009 & now sell it online in my shop (Graham Brown version, the BEST!). Here's my tutorial on how to hang it in a bathroom. I love it and am about ti put more of it up in my fixer upper house.

  • Thanks Rhoda for the link ... I'm feeling much more emboldened now to finally give in and give it a try ...

  • Daniela N Daniela N on Jul 06, 2012
    I recently used it in our bathroom addition (here at few tips about it that I learned the hard way. - make sure the wall behind it is SUPER smooth...every little tiny bump, nick it will show! - I used a wallpaper paste (even if the wallpaper is prepasted) especially made for hish humidity areas (kitchen and bath) - use a level to make sure your first piece is straight. beadboard has lines, so it is an easy thing to do. once the wallpaper glue dries, if you have your first piece not straight, the rest of the wallpaper will not be straight. I kept checking with each piece...peace of mind - invest in one of those plastic "smothers" (I think it was just a couple of dollars), it does wonders when smothing the bubbles out. - if at all possible get a someone to help you when you hang it up...4 hands are better than 2 - when cutting around outlets, plumbing, make sure you do that as a "dry" fit, before the glue is activated...will save you lots of headaches! - as far as the corners, the outer corner just wrap the wallpaper around it, as if you are wrapping a present. Inside corners, use the handy plastic tool and gently push the wallpaper in the corner, then attach the rest on the corner wall. Hope this helps! It really is an easy project. Happy wallpapering :)

  • @Daniela, it looks really beautiful. Did you (or will you) post a tutorial? I'm sold on the bead board wallpaper. Just need guidance on how to hang ...

  • Daniela N Daniela N on Jul 06, 2012
    @Linda, unfurtunately I did not take pictures of the hanging...the glue mess would get on the camera, and you really need to make sure the wallpaper is straight and bubble-less before the glue starts drying. The way I put it up is starting from the top (if someone is helping you let them hold the wallpaper from the top) and you smooth out the bubbles as you attach it to the wall. I am thinking about using this wallpaper for our entryway...over the original paneling! I will try to have someone taking pictures :)

  • Shari Shari on Jul 08, 2012
    I have hung many rolls of beadboard wallpaper. I LOVE the stuff! (I've ordered it several times from Rhoda.) I've used it extensively in two houses and have even used it on furniture. I just got done hanging it horizontally on one wall of a coastal inspired guest room to mimic horizontal planks. Have you ever hung regular wallpaper? Essentially inside and outside corners of beadboard wallpaper are done exactly the same way as any other wallpaper. You simply wrap your piece of wallpaper just a little bit past the corner (about 1/8 to 1/4 inch), whether it be an inside corner or outside corner. Then, start a new piece of wallpaper at the corner, matching your beadboard lines (aka "pattern") to the piece you just wrapped around the corner. In other words, you will be starting a new piece of paper at the corner, right on top of the piece you wrapped around the corner. This method gives you a nice crisp corner. (BTW, you can watch any video on wallpapering corners and apply it to beadboard wallpaper. Just think of the lines or grooves on the beadboard wallpaper as your pattern.) Don't be intimidated. Beadboard wallpaper is extremely user friendly! After you use it once and see how easy it is to work with and how great it looks, you will be looking for other projects to use it on. :)

  • Shari, thanks so much for your corner advice. That is the part of the process that's been holding me back ...

  • Meburke Meburke on Dec 07, 2015
    Rhoda she's great! She sells it too.