Need help decorating a long wall

I need help decorating this long wall in family room. Opposite wall are French doors to back porch. I have tried several things that are always lost in the length. Clusters of design? One large design? Thanks for any suggestions.
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Nov 28, 2015
    If yoiu are referring pictures on the back wall I would suggest going the opposite way on the wall instead of lenght
  • Lucy Lucy on Nov 28, 2015
    How about stenciling the entire wall? Or, alternately, get several blank canvases and stencil the design onto those, hang as you would any type of artwork. The size & number & arrangement is up to you, but the advantage visually is that you would have a cohesive design along a large wall. Another idea would be to frame a number of black & white images, which would look really nice if you were to continue that red you have on your fireplace wall, around the couch wall. Can't tell if your couch is black or dark brown, but that color wall with black & white compositions nicely framed would really look chic .
    • Kimberly B Kimberly B on Nov 28, 2015
      Love this idea! The cohesive design is exactly what is missing. I posted a full room pic in comments below. I am painting interior gray and all baseboards white. French door will be black. Trying to get away from the rustic look. Thanks for the ideas!!
  • Colleen Colleen on Nov 28, 2015
    I would focus on the area above the sofa, but rather than simply one framed piece, try something along this line: This would add architectural interest and fill the space more boldly. Alternatively, a display something like this: (keep the scale large, avoiding this look: With both of the above, you could also 'frame out' the portion you intend to hang things on, with a different color of paint. In the corner between the stub wall and your side table, place a grouping of tall floor plants to visually break up the wall length, and add some dimension. Place the tallest at the back and then add gradually shorter ones forward of those.
  • Sandra Sandra on Nov 28, 2015
    Since you have a rustic looking fireplace, why not get planks of wood and put them up on your wall floor to ceiling. You can stain it or paint it. Whatever you do, if you use the wood idea, it's good to figure out what color the wood will be and ask your paint store to match paint to the color so you can first paint the wall that color. That way if there isn't a tight fit the space will not be as noticeable because of the match. I also just saw ambedroom that used planks of wood that has stucko between the spaces left purposely between the planks. The planks were running longwise. Then the wood was stained and it gave a log cabin look.
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    • Sandra Sandra on Nov 28, 2015
      Suppose you stain the planks in a gray color. Not like gray concrete. Like drift wood gray or shaker shingles after they turn gray. That could be either rustic or more modern.
  • PaintedPetals PaintedPetals on Nov 28, 2015
    I love the plank wall idea if you didn't want to do the entire wall you could always put a bunch of planks of various sizes together keep the edges uneven then stencil your favorite saying on it.
  • Lori T Lori T on Nov 28, 2015
    Collage of like of similar theme in frames that are all alike.
  • Lori T Lori T on Nov 28, 2015
    Or how about a large mirror
    • Kimberly B Kimberly B on Nov 28, 2015
      I really like this idea! I wonder if I did 3 mirrors and 2 art pieces, all the same size? The reflection is much needed as that wall is front of house. It has a poorly designed floor plan and I can't see the front door or outside unless I go to the front door.
  • Sarah A. Victory Sarah A. Victory on Nov 28, 2015
    What about a large tapestry scene that has some colors that are in the room over the sofa on a rod and do some hanging drape tassels on the ends of the rod. Check your measurements on the wall when looking.A tapestry you love and don't tire of looking at.
  • April E April E on Nov 28, 2015
    I have such a wall I had a picture printed onto canvas 48x36 and had 6 pictures printed on canvas 18x18 centered the large picture, then arrow stacked 3 on each side
    • Kimberly B Kimberly B on Nov 28, 2015
      @April E That's a great idea, too. Hadn't thought of doing 1 large and centering it, great idea. Thanks!
  • Leslie D Leslie D on Nov 28, 2015
    The space needs to be broken up a bit, especially since you have a colored accent wall on the end. That color needs to be spread along that wall to reflect both the height and color. I think by replacing the one end table with a tall floor lamp, with perhaps a shade that is the color of the accent wall, and then adding a vase, with some tall sticks in a similar color, as well, at the corner closest to the half wall, that it will break up the area. You can then do a vertical painting over the chair area, and a large horizontal piece (or multiple pieces that make a large impact) over the sofa. Forgive the crude drawing, but this would give an idea.
  • Kimberly B Kimberly B on Nov 28, 2015
    Great ideas!! Thank you! I like the idea of horizontal stripes. I'm thinking a monochromatic gray. Currently the couch is dark brown and walls are SW Kilimn Beige. I like the idea of a mirror but then what on either side of it? I am thinking 5 same size square canvas or mirrors, or black and white photos. Thanks for comments, I have some great choices now.
  • April E April E on Nov 28, 2015
    Your welcome
  • Kimberly B Kimberly B on Nov 29, 2015
    I am going to get 5 same sized pieces of artwork and put them across the wall.
  • Beth Lytle Beth Lytle on Nov 29, 2015
    You could put some crown moulding along the top, possibly accent moulding in the corner that separates the long wall from the window wall. That would start to help break it up. Then place a large piece in the middle of the wall. I wouldn't necessarily go with a picture or painting, though. Maybe something more interesting, like a metal art piece or whatever fits your style. Something with texture/pattern that is very eye-catching.
  • Kimberly B Kimberly B on Nov 29, 2015
    I found this picture just as an example. It's too high and spread out for my taste. What I'm planning on doing is 5 same size mirrors. I like the round one as pictured here but there are several other styles I like as well. Considering adding 2 clusters of the 3 smaller mirrors, hung very close together to mimic the size of the larger mirror. This would make it interesting and break up the wall. The mirrors will reflect pool/pasture/horses. Any thoughts?
  • Kayo Frazier Kayo Frazier on Nov 30, 2015
    Here's my 2 cents...It's a very specific style, but it looks like it might would work w/ your furniture & decor. I would make a wall of industrial pipe & wooden shelves. You can mix books, decor pieces, baskets thru out the shelves to your tastes & in the middle make a big enough space for your TV & electronics. There are many tutorials on line that can take you thru the process of making one. I would flip the couch to the other side w/ enough space to get to the doors easily.
  • Duv310660 Duv310660 on Dec 01, 2015
    I would break it in 2 pieces, do one grouping bove the couch, arranged so it fits that width end-to end, and another grouping more centred inside the space of whatever it is you have to the left. To stretch that grouping (or perhaps just one big mirror to reflect the light coming in) to fit the width of the couch, you can hang/drape fabric, making some swoops across the top and falling as a faux window curtain. Note: mock up and measure carefully, if you are nailing velcro or whatever vehicle for the hanging, you want to make sure it is in the right place and not shifted vis-a-vis your couch (because it will be pretty obvious if the couch isn't evenly "framed" by your drapery)
  • Maxine Asher Maxine Asher on Dec 02, 2015
    Something long at left of couch