The 12 Brilliant Hacks Every Mom Should Know

Moms everywhere, you’re welcome!

By Hometalk Highlights

Make instant fun with a shower curtain canopy

This binder ring and shower curtain canopy makes the perfect cozy reading nook.

Update decor quick while kids are at school

Moms need to move quick, so add contact paper to make bookshelves pop in just 1 hour!

Change out pictures easily with these plaques

With the never-ending influx of family photos, you need a quick way

Quickly perk up a kids’ bedroom with decals

Painting is the easiest way to redo a room, but for a kids room, decals are quick and easy!

Banish that messy shoe pile with a pallet

Every house with kids has a messy shoe pile - but a pallet can solve all of that in minutes!

Outfit your pantry for meal planning

Upgrade your pantry door with a large-scale menu, so you can plan your meals with ease.

Turn cardboard boxes into (free!) storage

Cover empty cardboard boxes in burlap ribbon and paint, for stylish storage on the cheap.

Dust in a flash with a lint roller

Clear your decor of dust in the fastest and easiest way, using different sized lint rollers.

Don’t buy kids’ room storage -upcycle instead

Instead of buying storage for your kids’ room, use drawers from an unwanted dresser.

Use old CD’s to display happy memories

Save money on frames by turning old CD’s into inexpensive, pretty picture frames.

Cover your grungy backsplash in an instant

After all that cooking, your backsplash might needs a refresh - use vinyl floor panels!