Concrete bag retaining wall

I want to put a short retaining wall to level off the slope to my front yard. Then add fill and finally xeroscaping it to save water. Right now when I water the lawn it all runs down the slope into the street. Not wanting to waste water and also save some money I decided to even out the lawn. My cousin has read about a process of taking unopened bags of concrete layered like bricks to make a retaining wall. I can not imagine it would be a 'pretty' look to my curb appeal. As I sit on a corner lot this wall would be about three feet high and have to go around the corner. She says you soak them down getting them all super wet then water them for another ten minutes. Then after the bags sit and cure for a month I can remove the paper...not so sure I could live with that look for a month! This is supposed to simulate a stone fence. Has anyone had any experience in this?
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