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Is there a way to paint colored windows?

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See those ugly green windows beside my front door? I want to change the color, but I do not have the money to change out the windows. They are insulated. My house is a very pale blue gray with a darker blue-gray trim that I intend to change to a charcoal gray. Do anyone know if it is possible to paint the glass? Also, I am at a loss as to a better color for the front door. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
This is my ugly front entry. The photo was taken prior to me purchasing the house.
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  • Christina Hough
    on Jun 3, 2013

    maybe you could paint your door and the bit of glass in the center of to actually highlight the green glass and make it more interesting

  • Betty Brady
    on Jun 3, 2013

    Thank you for the suggestions but this doesn't answer my question because I totally forgot to mention that green is one of my least favorite colors. When the home was purchased, I was married and had a good joint income. The windows were not an issue because we intended to replace them. However, now I have divorced and my income is much more limited; thus so are my options.

  • Vicki Yawn Andrews
    on Jun 3, 2013

    There are special window paint markers that might change the color...not expensive and are worth a try. Coloring over the green might make for darker windows though. There are lots of different paints made for glass at craft stores, there's bound to be some you could use. Good Luck! I agree with painting your door...might distract you away from always seeing the windows. Another idea would be to purchase one of those lead look stick on sheets...they come in different colors or clear. You can color the spaces different colors. I got mine at Lowe's.

  • Kat Tellez
    on Jun 3, 2013

    I'm divorced too, so I know all about havig to do things on the cheap. I was about to suggest painting the door green to match, but since you don't like it, any bold color would probably do (Blue or another cool tone would probably look best). You won't need much (maybe a quart) so I would suggest looking for returned paint at your local hardware store (sometimes they will tint it for free) or Habitat for Humanity. As for the glass, it depends on if you want something permanent and what the finished look is you want. Green is a hard color to change. If you would be OK with a dark aqua, you could coat it with some blue spray on glass paint (Krylon makes it) and it will still let in a lot of light. Otherwise, most paints will darken them considerably. For a permanent paint job you can use Pebeo Vitrail which will be dark but translucent or either Martha Stewart or Delta paints which will make them almost opaque. Each will cost you around $5 a bottle, and will take 4 or 5 to cover them completely. For a slightly cheaper (and temporary) fix, you could use gallery glass paints, which essentially make peel off suncatchers. Either way you will have to coat both sides of the glass to cover up the green. It actually isn't that hard or expensive to replace windows, especially since it looks like they have a simple wood frame. You could pick up replacement glass at a glass shop or if you're lucky you might find the same size windows at Habitat. There are a ton of videos online on how to replace glass, and it doesn't require a lot of tools. As a last option, if you get really fed up, you can just cover the outside of them with shutters and the inside with curtains or framed artwork. Hope that helps!

  • Trent-Tonya Sharp
    on Jun 3, 2013 this site may be helpful it tells you what paint they used. And remember you can always take a photo of it from your phone and show the help at a Lowes or Home depot and they will tell you the type of paint to use. Another ideal is cover them up with some shutters if you dont like the window look at all and you can get pallets for free and make your shutters and paint them if you want also

  • Trent-Tonya Sharp
    on Jun 3, 2013

    Pallet shutters

    q is there a way to paint colored windows, doors, painting
  • Lou
    on Jun 3, 2013

    Couple of suggestions. Paint green with opaque frost window spray paint. Move red newspaper box anywhere than on the house. If you can find DIY window pane dividers make divided frame for each window. Take off existing house numbers. Buy slightly smaller bronze or black house numbers and center them about an inch or two above the door. I can provide further help if needed.

  • Martha H
    on Jun 3, 2013

    I would not paint as I would want light to come through. I would go to a glass shop for frosted glass (or whatever you like) which they will cut to measure. This would not be expensive and would look very nice.

  • Mary Insana
    on Jun 3, 2013

    I like the idea posted above, put shutters over them. I would try to find shutters that are longer and wider so it covers the windows really well. You can also add some insulation between the shutter and window. How wide are the windows? I just looked at and they have a pair of black shutters that are 15 x 63 inches for $43.00. This look would be really nice and a pretty simple fix if the price is doable. They have smaller sizes and they have white ones too. You can leave them black or white so that would save on buying paint. If you like this look keep you eye out for similar ones on Craigs list or your local Habitat store too Let us know what you decide to do.

    q is there a way to paint colored windows, doors, painting
  • Kimberly Barney
    on Jun 3, 2013

    I do not think painting the windows will address the issue as well as covering them. The fact that they do not extend the full length of the door is an issue to me. I like the idea of the pallet shutters because pallets can be picked up for free and painted any desired color. I would also make a cover for the mail slot and newspaper holder out of the same pallet wood to match and personalize the entry.

  • Betty Brady
    on Jun 3, 2013

    I love the shutter idea! This way I can add insulation behind them. Even though the windows are insulated, they still sweat in the winter. I have even considered adding insulation inside the entry way and covering up the windows inside too.

  • Betty Brady
    on Jun 3, 2013

    Great ideas everyone, thanks! I agree with removing the newspaper box. It's ugly and I no longer subscribe. Like the idea about the brass numbers too. I also have been thinking I want to remove the mail slot. Lots of cold air comes in through that little hole in the wall. So this is what I am thinking I will do...Full length shutters to match the trim - new house numbers above the door - remove mail slot and put up a nice looking mail box and new porch light - paint door in contrasting shade. I will post pics when done. I appreciate all the help!!!!

  • Betty Brady
    on Jun 5, 2013

    Oh, I like that! Heckofalot quicker than plasterboard and mud!! Thanks :0)

  • TamiBloomz
    on Jun 6, 2013

    Michael's (craft store) has glass paint, that is easy to use, there are several types to choose from; opaque, translucent, etc... That's what I'd try.

  • Z
    on Jul 13, 2013

    @Betty, have you been able to get this started yet?

  • Betty Brady
    on Jul 16, 2013

    Not yet Becky. Right now the most important thing is removing old peeling paint from my trim and repainting. I am looking for shutters; but the length I need is much bigger than I thought. The cost just for the shutters will be over $100.00. With finances tight, the project might have to wait a while. And, as I contemplate covering up the windows that I hate so much, I notice that they do give a great amount of light to my living room without turning on the electricity. So, I may have to rethink things. If they were not green I might be a bit happier with them. They just look so dated. Ugh!

  • Pam
    on Jul 17, 2013

    You asked for color suggestions. I would go with a dark red, dark grey, or navy for the door. Like the shutter idea and pallets would be a great way to get the wood for them.

  • Betty Brady
    on Jul 24, 2013

    @Pam, I do like the idea of dark red. I am painting the trim a very dark dusky blue (the house is very pale blue) and then getting shutters that will be that same dusky blue. As I was coming in the front door the other day it suddenly hit me what color it should be. I am thinking a brick red (after I cover those hideous windows) LOL.

  • Mary
    on Jun 20, 2014

    If you just want to hide what you don't like I would get two large containers and place them under the windows and plant tall slim trees such as spiral topiaries. You could plant colorful flowers around the base of trees. At least the green glass would not be so noticeable and would add visual weight to your entry. I agree with the comments about the paper box and house numbers above. I would paint the door a color to stand out such as red. Flowers in the door and house colors with white or yellow would pull it all together. Good luck. I am sure whatever you do it will look great!

  • Sharolyn T
    on Jul 29, 2014

    If you make your own shutters, like @Trent-Tonya Sharp suggested, you can leave a space between each board and then when placing on your house...put them on an inch or so out away from the window...that way light could still come thru into your living room. @Mary suggestions about plants are also good. Anything to take your attention away from the windows, their color and size.

  • Cherie
    on Oct 18, 2014

    Really, two pieces of glass cut to fit and a spray can of frost paint would do it for you. And if you haven't checked prices, you may be surprised to find glass is very cheap!!! And yes, get rid of the red box and stuff the slot full of insulation!

  • MaryJane Buehner
    on Oct 18, 2014

    Purchase full length shutters and covering them both up! and yes, remove the red newspaper box also.

  • Karen Boud
    on Oct 21, 2014

    With $ tight I would go with regular window glass, the go to Michael's and buy a spray that frosts the glass. there are any number of different sprays and looks you can achieve.. also Lowe's and Home depot has a special contact paper that looks like stained glass and other motifs as well..

  • Betty Brady
    on Oct 24, 2014

    Thanks Karen, I like that idea!

  • Brenda Wells
    on Dec 26, 2014

    I prefer the shutter idea. Those windows distract from any curb appeal. Completely out of balance. Even if you had to buy some wood it would only be about 6 pieces...3 on each side, and some for bracing. I do like the idea of leaving some space to peep out of. The builder may have been aiming for something 'modern' of it's time. But it's not a lasting or 'known' style. If you frost, etc the windows they will be less noticeable but they will still be there. Some of the large stores can assist you with computer enhanced ideas with your colors. Take your pics to to one of the larger retail locations. Just my opinion. Best of luck. Can't wait to see your finished product.

  • Lori
    on Jan 15, 2015

    How about a set of bifold doors, separated and painted to match the door and attached same as shutters would be. Spray paint the numbers in a colour that looks good with everything else, it's cheaper than new and will look great. Maybe mount them on a board or tray painted to match the trim or to look like wrought iron. Paint is the best way to update and change anything. Good luck.

    q is there a way to paint colored windows, doors, painting, This was a little plastic whicker looking 50 item at the thrift store which I painted added my old spray painted numbers to and it looks good to me
    • Betty Brady
      on Jan 23, 2015

      @Lori That's a darned good idea; and much cheaper than getting special order shutters. The other plus is that I would not have to build them since I have a set of bi-folds just sitting here! Why didn't I think of that (facepalm)

  • Grannybaer
    on Jan 26, 2015

    Try using glass paint

  • Betsie
    on Apr 22, 2015

    If it was mine - Paint the door green, put a gold frame around it as well as a gold frame around the green windows. Stencil or paint with gold on the green window a branhce of roses. Put the house number on top of the door in the middle also painted gold. Put another lantern right above the windows (on each side).

  • Sarah K. Steele
    on Aug 27, 2015

    I would incorporate the green glass with a cool frame around it and or paint directly on the house something interesting I think they're just too funky to not be cool

  • Sarah K. Steele
    on Aug 27, 2015

    I would incorporate the green glass with a cool frame around it and or paint directly on the house something interesting I think they're just too funky to not be cool

  • Sarah K. Steele
    on Aug 27, 2015

    I would incorporate the green glass with a cool frame around it and or paint directly on the house something interesting I think they're just too funky to not be cool

  • Linda T
    on Sep 16, 2015

    Stained glass sells by the pound. I would not want to damage it.

  • Jean Thompson
    on Nov 26, 2015

    Maybe buy some Wood Trim to go all the Way across the Top of the Shutters and over the Door to dress it up a bit.. they have trim and Corner Blocks in all sizes. for insulation behind the shutters you could use the solid rigid kind cut to size, which could be painted any color so it wouldn't show through, get rid of the paper box, Do you use the mail slot? if not see if it can be removed ? I like the idea of painting the Numbers, if you use brush on paint you could paint the trim on the light too.. Do you need a mail box? this could be put on a stand right by your door? The door looks good.. I like the Brown Stain, maybe just sand lightly and wipe off really good and put another coat of Stain on/ or if you want to paint how about a Teal or Darker Blue or a Brick Red?

  • Wendy L. Gregan
    on Dec 18, 2015

    paint your door green too then add a colorful door decoration it will pop!

  • Gayle
    on Jul 15, 2016

    How about adding shutters that would cover the windows and are the same height of the doors and new smaller house numbers as well as a nice porch light. Also, I would take off the newspaper holder. I am not a decorator but it might work

  • Beth Parsons
    on Jun 8, 2017

    I really like the idea of taking apart the set of bifold doors and using them as shutters since they would be the same size as the front door and would balance the front of the house. If you already have the doors, this would be an inexpensive way to update your home. Translucent curtain panels on spring loaded rods would camouflage the windows on the inside and soften the look in your entry. Good luck!
  • Barbie j
    on Jun 8, 2017

    I had gold colored ones..I hated the color gold...I just painted them the same color as the outside of the house ..I did this inside too the color off the walls. They look great. I may never change them, But... When I have the money ..if ever, I will replace the windows with this idea... the idea is: to take the glass out and frame a piece of glass to fit that same space, nail it into the window area inside the original frame and then caulk it good. What do you think?
  • Beverly Davis
    on Jun 8, 2017

    Its apparent they are not see through so I would I would prime with kilz and paint same color as blue trim or same white as siding (best)
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