9 Tricks to Turn Builder Grade Baseboards Into Custom Made Beauties

You can make those lame ducks look like elegant swans!

By Hometalk Highlights

Stick regular trim 3-inches above baseboards

Buy a few sticks of pretty trim and place them just far enough above your baseboards to add elegance.

Add a fresh coat of paint to brighten borders

Repainting your baseboards can make them look uniquely suited to your room.

Or give boring boards a shocking pop of color

Choosing a bright pop of color can add flavor to an otherwise regular room & amp up baseboards.

Add height with shoe molding and paint

Put a line of shoe molding high above your baseboards and fill in the gap with paint - sneaky success!

Put a larger molding right on top

Buy baseboard caps to simply slip over your builder grades, no muss no fuss!

Top your off with board and batten walls

Beautify boring baseboards by running batten along the wall as a seamless addition.

Mix and match trims and moulding as borders

If you've got blocky baseboards & you're looking for shape, add molding above & below to give it curves.

Nail over large wood boards for a chunky look

Cover up sad little molding with a wide plank of wood, for a fresh, chunkier base.

Attach quarter-round end caps for polish

Soften a sharp-looking baseboard edge with quarter-round caps for a more sophisticated touch.