Asked on Jun 28, 2013

Can someone tell me what bird this is?



We live in central Missouri and have a bird living in a planter on our front porch, so I don't want to move it. I haven't seen this bird nesting around our house before, and am unfamiliar with it. It appears to have laid 6 eggs, all are cream with brown spots, except one, which is light blue with brown spots. Thanks for your help!
Bird in nest
This is where the nest is on our front porch, inside the planter and underneath the wooden things.
The eggs
3 answers
  • Vicki
    on Jun 29, 2013

    wren? they built nest in my stacked up empty plant containers on my deck years ago.

  • MeandMyDIY
    on Jun 29, 2013

    Thank you Vicki! I think you're right. I looked up a wren identification guide, and it looks like a Bewick's Wren. We have lots of robins, sparrows, cardinals, and a few blue birds nesting around our house, but I don't recall ever having any wrens. Thanks a bunch!

  • Vicki
    on Jun 29, 2013

    u r very welcome. cool that u have bewick's wren. we love to watch their actives and they way they bounce their bodies.

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