Asked on Mar 29, 2017

Would someone tell me what I'm doing wrong with command strips?

Linda Valentine
by Linda Valentine

First one fell off in the bathroom - okay, maybe moisture. In the kitchen - fridge, inside cabinets and on tile walls. All fall off. Everyone else seems to love them! This is driving me nuts!

Command strips slipping off?

These water resistant Command Strips are what Amazon reviewers swear by. !

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  • Maggie Maggie on Mar 29, 2017

    I would think the type of wall and weight of the item to hang are the most important variables.

    Make sure to follow directions, cleaning wall with alcohol and then let the wall dry. Place the hook firmly for a minute and wait 24 hours. You may even put some heat (like a hair dryer) on it for 15-20 seconds. Make sure the hook is rated for more weight than you are using. Also available now are strips for high moisture areas. I hope this helps!

    • Alex Alex on May 27, 2021

      No need to use heavier rated adhesive products, they will work and last indefinitely as advertised when the correct product is used and applied in accordance with the instructions.

  • Presslady Presslady on Mar 29, 2017

    i followed the directions exactly both times I tried them and both times they did not work. They were not in areas of high moisture, nor was the weight excessive. I have given up on them. I wonder if they aren't a failure as you can get them at Big Lots. Which buys overstocks and other stuff that doesn't sell!

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    • Alex Alex on May 27, 2021

      All Command adhesive will tolerate some humidity, for laundries and bathrooms which are high humidity areas it is recommended to use the Wet Area adhesive strips.

  • JA JA on Mar 29, 2017


  • Deanna Nassar Deanna Nassar on Mar 29, 2017

    Could be bad glue on the strips. Try a new batch from a different store.

  • Rosa Jones Rosa Jones on Mar 31, 2017

    My fist one I put in the bathroom fell and I took a cleaner and cleaned the tile real good and it is stuck there since

  • Country Design Home Country Design Home on Apr 01, 2017

    Thanks for sharing that! I have the same problem- I thought I was the only one! The only success I had was hanging a wreath on my door- but it was made out of that mesh loopy ribbon that weighs literally nothing.

  • Betty Morgan Betty Morgan on Apr 01, 2017

    Command strips usually work well for me for hanging but I have never removed one that didn't damage the surface!

  • Lynne Faulkner Lynne Faulkner on Apr 02, 2017

    I use them ALL the time but you need to follow the instructions, clean the area make sure its well and truly dry but do not hang anything that is heavier than the weight it says on the packet if you follow the rules you should have no problems

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    • Alex Alex on May 27, 2021

      the maximum number of sets of strips to be used her frame is four sets:

  • Yofrendonna Yofrendonna on Apr 02, 2017

    I use them all the time. My fridge has a textured finish so they probably won't work there. Also they don't stick well to walls that get cold in winter and won't stick to wallpapered walls.

    • Alex Alex on May 27, 2021

      that's right, Command should not be used on wallpaper, porous, unsealed or textured surfaces.

      Apply adhesive strips to walls that are 10c and above (can use a hairdryer to warm the wall first)

  • Linda Linda on Apr 02, 2017

    I have never had any problems either and I have never had any wall damage. Did you pull straight down? Also check how you attach the sticky thing to the hanger. The red lettering goes face down on the hanger and the black is for the wall. I don't know how important this instruction is....but you might check how you attach the sticky thing. ☺

  • Choo Magoo Choo Magoo on Apr 17, 2017

    I have them IN my shower and never a problem. On my walls is another story. My walls are lath and plaster and are always COLD to the touch. I clean area as directed BUT I dry the spot with my blow dryer then I apply the tab. It seems to work better if the wall is warm. Good Luck

  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Apr 18, 2017

    I hate those things when they fall they take your paint as well. I was hanging up my purses one per hook a day they are not the oversized ones with all the hardware that weigh a couple of pounds before you put anything in them. Those are beautiful but not practical for me. These were small leather but light. I had to repair and paint the closet again. I would never use them. But good luck.

  • Jason Miller Jason Miller on Sep 27, 2018

    They are crap, they constantly fall off, and from time to time they take paint with them

  • Kar34452419 Kar34452419 on Dec 01, 2018

    I have used Command hooks here in FL for many years...All of a sudden, last year they didn't work outside AT ALL, and this year the wreaths that go on our front glass doors have fallen over and over...I have tried the newer Velcro-like strips and also the ones that are meant for bathrooms (high moisture)...since it can be humid here...I have used 3 entire packages of new strips of different types after carefully cleaning the windows and allowing them to cure/set before hanging...these are the SAME HOOKS I have used for YEARS for the SAME WREATHS...this product has deteriorated and what used to be an easy process is now a disaster...prices have gone way up and quality and reliability is way down...done!!

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    • Sue Sue on Jan 05, 2024

      Exactly! They never worked in our RV but sometimes did in our stick built house. In our current mobile home they rarely stay no matter how much you clean the surface or allow them to cure before using. Our mobile home wall are often unable to even hold hollow wall anchors these often just fall in the walk or out. The studs are 24 inches apart which really limits the location you can use. If something is at least 2 1/2 feet wide a French cleat may work. Command hooks also pull off the wall paper or surface of the fake paneling which is really frustrating since touch up paint only partially helps.

      The newest hooks are even worse.

  • Rach Jonson Rach Jonson on Jan 25, 2019

    I have had paintings fall off the wall in different rooms of our house in the past two months after nearly four years!!! How is this possible??? No change to our house. Now cracked glass and broken frames.

    • Alex Alex on May 27, 2021

      perhaps the last two steps of the application instructions were missed? If the frame was not removed for one hour as instructed, the strips would only have been partly attached and come away over time. Follow all these steps and they will last indefinitely:

  • Cheryl Riener Cheryl Riener on Feb 15, 2019

    I thought I was the only one, I just bought the 16 lb ones and tried to hang a little 2 lb clock and it came crashing down. It was on a inside paneled wall. They are total crap.

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    • Alex Alex on May 27, 2021

      call 3M and ask if the Universal Hanger may be suitable for hanging your clock, no other Command product would be suitable. The Universal is the only possible candidate and only if the clock is within strict criteria.

  • Peter Peter on Apr 09, 2019

    I have never had one pull the sticking strip off of the wall. But I reckon 50% of them have pulled the plastic clip off the sticking strip leaving the strip still stuck to the wall. They were not overloaded. I was thinking of using some super glue to re-attach the clip back on. Has anyone had this problem and have they found a solution?

  • Sharon Kirby Sharon Kirby on Sep 08, 2019

    My husband did not want to use nails in our new to us house in the walls. We have tried the command strips and hooks. We followed directions exactly and started hanging things with them over a year ago. We have had good luck with some and not so much with others. We had one fall off the wall more than once with the strips. We realized after awhile that it would come off one side and then the other and almost fell on a visitors head. I noticed in time and she moved. What we realized was that the frame of the picture must have been slightly warped and therefore lifted off the wall eventually, so we went to a hook and so far so good. A clock came down when we lifted it off leaving the wall strips in place to change the battery. We put it back up and down it came within a half hour. Today I was most annoyed when a picture painted by a dear friend and hung on one of the hooks came crashing down damaging it, a chair underneath and the frame and breaking the glass. We had used the correct hook and it had been up a year. It also took a half inch piece of paint off the wall also damaging the drywall. I am now afraid to leave other things up as some are more than ten feet up and could hurt someone or shatter. I would be very cautious in future with weighty items and valuable pieces.

  • Holly Holly on Sep 12, 2019

    I am hoping it was humidity, the walls are concert I think in my new home. I had older strips that worked fine, I just bought new velcro and put up more strips than probably necessary and they all came off. I had a light poster board that fell off with a 5lb hook. I will try cleaning the wall, but its very discouraging.

  • Fred-Rock Priester Fred-Rock Priester on Oct 03, 2019

    I like the idea of command strips and I follow all the directions cleaning with alcohol, making sure the right side of the strip is where is should be checking the weight restrictions and putting the item up after a wait of me like 24 hours. Hang up the picture beautiful.. then 10 -12 months later usually in the middle of the night one two sometimes three all over the various rooms of my home come crashing down BOOM. now what am I doing wrong.. thanks a bunch

  • Mummu1951 Mummu1951 on Oct 04, 2019

    I too have had trouble with Command Strips failing. After carefully following directions & over compensating for weight, two pictures fell off the wall. One frame & glass broke. Seems the glue is not as good as it once was.

  • Fiona Deem Fiona Deem on Oct 25, 2019

    I have used three packets of the 7.2kg strips for a lightweight picture, i have prepped the walls and followed instructions, but they just don't stick to my newly painted walls ( matt paint ) they're not cheap either!! The glue seems weak.

  • G Marie Yates-Koenigshof G Marie Yates-Koenigshof on Nov 06, 2019

    i think they have changed them somehow. We used to have a whole wall of pictures no problem and they were up for years. Moved and tried new ones to put my pictures back up -- they keep falling now. Why the difference!

  • Vally Vally on Dec 05, 2019

    Same same. Falling off walls. Clock now broken.

  • Paul inbody Paul inbody on Dec 09, 2019

    I had the same problem. I bought the heavy duty ones to hang garland above my fireplace ( on wall not rock or stone) One sticks fine the other 2 fell off . I bought 2 more and same thing happened. I even put on wall waited 24 hours and the same 2 fell off. I used them in the past and never ever had a problem now i cant get these to stay put.

  • Jen Jen on Dec 10, 2019

    Yep, had the same problem not half an hour ago, I have 2 water colour picture in frames in my hallway, well now I have only one. They have been up for over a year, the lower one fell down, both sides of the sticky pads still attached to the frame. Frame is completely destroyed along with my huge candle that was on the ledge beneath (the candle was not lit, it's just for show 🙄) I am furious, this also happened in my daughters room and 1 in my bedroom. Why not all of them? On inspection the sticky tabs do not feel at all sticky, who took the sticky out of the sticky??!!

  • St St on Dec 26, 2019

    I think it's because the tapes are now transparent. When the were opaque there was never a problem with them holding. The transparent ones appear thinner.

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    • Alex Alex on May 27, 2021

      Command adhesive is pressure sensitive, it will not feel particularly sticky if touched, the strength comes from the pressing to activate and increases during the hour thereafter, the adhesive gets to bond to surfaces without weight for one hour.

  • Ian Daley Ian Daley on Jan 04, 2020

    The product is total rubbish. Every single one we put up eventually failed. Followed the instructions to the letter including rigorous surface prep but no good.

    There was one on the wall from someone who lived here previously and I wondered how they got it to stick... Then I'd seen they'd super glued it to the wall.

  • Sean Holt Sean Holt on Apr 29, 2020

    You are probably doing nothing wrong they are just garbage period

  • Emily Emily on Sep 19, 2020

    I have this product ten years ago on our apartment wall. They are very sticky and up there for seven years. Now I am buying them a whole bunches so expensive but was expecting the same results. They kept felling off and my fram almost crashed. It's frustrating I did prepare the wall as instructions. The strips won't stick to the wall at all. What happened to this product?!

  • Frank Frank on Sep 19, 2020

    I think the unused strips may not age well. The pack I bought years ago is now failing miserably on the blue side of the transparent strips. But, when this pack was brand new, its adhesive strips worked quite well. It seems likely the adhesive strips haven't aged well, while they simply waited within the pack, for a few years, for me to use them. Perhaps a "Install By Date" or a "Deploy By Date" would prove helpful. For me, the ones which I installed years ago, are still working well. Also, the ones which I recently purchased are working well. But, the ones which sat unused for years, those are failing miserably. So, I doubt the unused adhesive strips age well within the package; I believe their adhesive probably deteriorates over time, while simply waiting within the package, for someone to purchase them and deploy them. Best wishes!

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    • Alex Alex on May 27, 2021

      as with all adhesive products, Command adhesive strips have an optimal shelf life of two years so best to store 'spares' in a sealed plastic bag and date them. Once Strips are in use, they will last indefinitely.

  • Twn49634292 Twn49634292 on Sep 27, 2020

    We have used them for the last 5 years, and loved them at first. Eventually they will fall off the wall. We have broken 4 glass frames, and ruined pictures due to these falling off. We followed directions and would stay for a long while, but within 1 to 3 years start falling off the wall. We not just use one strip to keep the pics from moving up and down, and use a small nail to put into wall, and no more pictures falling off. This has been on both inside and outside wall,s though most were outside walls that do get cooler in winter time. They are expensive and don't work as advertised. Too bad, because it is a great idea.

  • Megan Megan on Oct 23, 2020

    I have the same problem. I prepped the walls and followed directions exactly and even doubled up on the heavy duty strips but my 5 lb frames fell off the wall. Super frustrating. I honestly think it’s a waste of money for these cheaply made strips. I’m going to bite the bullet and just hang them from hooks.

  • Don Rhyne Don Rhyne on Nov 29, 2020

    Went to hang a light weight angel with a 5 lb Command and it fell. I did all the prep per instructions. Tried 4 different "backing tapes" and they all did the same. These were left over strips from last year. Very disappointed in 3M. It was one company you could rely on. I need to hang some wreaths on glass windows any thoughts?

  • Alex Alex on Dec 03, 2020

    It could be non stick paint, I'm using the strips to hang lights in my room, they fall constantly and they're not that heavy, the only thing I can stick stuff to is my door.

  • Martin Barr-David Martin Barr-David on Jan 15, 2021

    I used Command Picture Hanger Strips to hang up a noticeboard & within 24 hours they failed on a masonary wall. The brick house nearly a century old if that makes any differences in a freshly painted room next to a bathroom, if that's any help what product .

  • Susanne Herman Susanne Herman on Jan 26, 2021

    This is NOT normal. I have been using Command Hooks for many years and have never had a problem until last week. The hooks fell off in my hand immediately. I contacted 3M (website, "contact us") and they responded the very next day. They sent me a phone number and ref. # and asked me to call them. I did and they were super polite and helpful. They are sending me new adhesive strips. I LOVE this product and recommend that anyone having problems with them, contact 3M. My experience has been that they are a company that cares about their customers and want to know when their products are not working correctly.

  • Lynn Lynn on Mar 06, 2021

    I have also had no luck using Command strips. I followed the directions and hung a lightweight plastic clock on ceramic tile in my kitchen. The strip is staying in place, but the grip between the strip and the plastic hook isn't holding.... and it used to.

    • Alex Alex on May 27, 2021

      Command Hooks are not suitable to use for hanging clocks, as noted on the packaging.

      There is no specific Command product designed for hanging clocks due to the irregular shapes, weights and thickness of clocks. Only the Command Universal Hanger may be used for hanging a clock that fits within this criteria:

      * Circular only and max 40cm diameter

      * No deeper/thicker than 6cm

      * Key hole opening of clock motor to be at top of the motor

      * No part of clock weight to be above the top of the adhesive strip of the Hanger (do not want forward pulling/peeling weight as would occur on a hook)

      * Maximum clock weight 1.5kg

  • Bernard_Mc Bernard_Mc on May 02, 2021

    Have been told it is to do with newer technology wash'n'wear paints. Something in them inhibits the strips from sticking to the walls. I used them all the time but find they just don't work anymore on newly painted walls.

    • Alex Alex on May 27, 2021

      3M keep up with ever evolving paint technologies, Wash n' Wear has been around for quite a while now and is certainly not a problem in my house, I use Command everywhere!

  • Sheila Sheila on May 02, 2021

    They make command strips for bathrooms. I used them to hang a mirror and they work fabulously!

  • Alex Alex on May 27, 2021

    Command has two ranges of products, Picture & Frame Hanging and General Purpose/Utility. HOOKS are of the General Purpose/Utility range NONE of which are suitable for hanging pictures (as noted on the packaging back). Always use only ISOPROPYL rubbing alcohol for preparing surfaces (it removes all dirt and grease without leaving any residue, perfect for Command adhesive!).

    USED MORE STRIPS: No need to use more Command strips than advertised, use the correct prep, product and follow all instructions to ensure Command will last indefinitely.

    Picture Hanging Strips: Do not use more than the maximum four sets per frame, why? Because you need to be able to remove the frame back off the wall for one hour during the application process (step 5) as demonstrated in this 3M video:

    HOOKS: Do not use more than one per item hung (noted on pack) using two hooks does NOT double the weight holding capacity. Do not use for hanging pictures, this video shows what product to use depending on the type of frame:

    Phone 3M if you have any questions, keep the product used and the item that was hanging as they will want to look into each and every complaint.

    Hope this helps!

  • Barbara Baldwin Barbara Baldwin on Aug 29, 2021


    I've watched the videos. I've used isopropyl alcohol, dried and waited. I've warmed the walls. I've waited 30 days (it says 7 days) after painting. I've pressed for 30 seconds (plus) with the strip on the wall and then pressed the hanger for another 30 seconds (plus). I've weighed my items and selected a Command strip that is above the weight of the item. I've purchased new Command Strips so the adhesive is not old and from different vendors. I've waited more than an hour before putting an item on the hook/hanger. I've tried Command hooks. I've tried Command canvas hangers. I've tried the Command velcro strips. The temperature and humidity in the house is within the range recommended at least that's what my two temperature/humidity monitors tell me (from two different manufacturers). Still my items fall off the walls. I've used Command strips years ago and those are still up. What could I possibly be doing wrong this time other than waste a lot of time, trouble and money? What should I possibly do next?

  • Holly Lengner - Lost Mom Holly Lengner - Lost Mom on Oct 04, 2021

    Make sure you firmly press them for 40 seconds. It feels like a long time, but definitely makes a difference.

  • Johnny B Johnny B on Sep 12, 2022

    I don’t have an answer for you, just a comment. Everything I put up with Command strips eventually fall. I had a light weight photo on granite tiles fall off, a photo frame on a painted sheet rock wall fall off, a framed puzzle in my family room on a painted wall fall off, a graduation photo of my kid fall, and a cross in my bedroom painted wall fall. Cement wall, tile wall, wood wall, Sheetrock wall, etc….Every type of surface, it doesn’t discriminate. They work briefly, it’s a good idea to “save walls” from nails, but eventually they fail, maybe months maybe years. Old fashioned nail in the wall works better.

  • Penny Penny on Nov 21, 2022

    I can't stand Command Hooks. It drives me crazy when I see YouTube decorators showing all their cute little uses and acting like the hooks work. They don't. I'm trying to hang a lightweight very sparse old fashioned garland on a mantel. It's only six feet long and weighs next to nothing. It doesn't even have decorations or lights on it. I put a Command Hook on the flat (horizontal) part of the mantel to hook one end of the garland. It fell off when I let go of the garland to do the other side. It wasn't up for more than 10 seconds and yes I followed all the instructions including cleaning. The same happened with the other side. I've replaced both sides several times thinking I'm insane because the hooks aren't even on a vertical surface. They're on the horizontal part so how can they fall off horizontally and land on the ground?? I'm ready to hot glue them to the mantel or smash nails through them, but then what's the point? I might as well just use nails. Now I have to repaint my mantel. They say to use Magic Erasers on some surfaces but LMAO those things leave marks on paint too so why would anyone do that?

    I just remembered I used a Command Hook on a vertical wall once and when I took it down months later it left a big oily mark on the paint as well. I have open concept and needed to repaint nearly my entire first floor of the house to make it all look even again.

  • Penny Penny on Nov 21, 2022

    Forgot to say: I also hate that they only come in white. I have a 19th century aesthetic with dark wood / vintage paint colours. I don't have white anywhere in my house, not even white products. I hate white to be honest. All the CM products are white and stand out like a sore thumb even when you hang something on them since they're so chunky. I just don't get it. Why do YT channels pretend these things are so wonderful when they're an eyesore and they don't even work?

  • Suzanne L Suzanne L on Nov 24, 2022

    i find they are a complete waste of money. When they fell of the RV walls I blamed it on heat and humidity. When they fell of in the house and had been put up exactly per the directions had the same thing happen over and over on different surfaces no matter what I hung. I switched to bathroom ones with the same results. If I used all of them right after I bought them you bet they would all have been returned. They are way to expensive not to stick!. I have gone back to conventional hooks and just touch up the spots when I move things.

  • Suzanne L Suzanne L on Nov 24, 2022

    Alex the directions are useless, even when followed exactly and left over night the fall off sooner or later leaving both parts on the wall. 50 people are not not following the directions over and over the quality is just not there any more!

  • Deborah Deborah on Dec 05, 2022

    I've been using command strips for years in a gallery setting. Suddenly they stopped working in the Spring of 2022. I suspect we may have gotten a bad batch but we buy them by the box and multiple boxes have failed and continue to fail, on the same walls with the same paint finish we have always used. Both picture and poster strips are failing. I begin to suspect that 3M changed the formula.... or the place we order them from has old boxes they store in high heat locations that damage the adhesive? I'm not sure. I'm going to try buying a few from another location and seeing if they work.

  • Dave Dave on Dec 17, 2022

    Unused strips definitely go off with age. The adhesive turns a light yellow colour and doesn't feel sticky any longer. I took two old strips and tried to stick them together. They wouldn't even stick to each other! Someone in this thread suggested they should be marked with a "use before" date. I completely agree

    • Alex Alex on Feb 01, 2023

      Command adhesive, as with most adhesive products, has an optimal shelf life from the time you buy it of two years. Command strips should be stored in a sealed plastic bag, dated and stored somewhere dark and cool like a drawer to use within 2 years. Once in use, the adhesive well last indefinitely when used in accordance with pack instructions.

      Old stock is an issue to be raised with the store where purchased, 3M cannot manage store stock not stock rotation.

  • Be sure to clean the spot with alcohol and let it dry before attaching the strip. Also be sure to press and hold it for the recommended time before using it for hanging.

  • Mogie Mogie on Feb 12, 2023

    The walls must be clean and flat so the strips can get a good hold.

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Feb 14, 2023

    Have not had luck with Command Hooks, the wall was clean and dry, it pulled the paint off the wall along with the framed picture plate smashed. I would only use them in the car to hold plastic garbage bags.

  • Cliffton McIntire Cliffton McIntire on Feb 19, 2023

    The adhesive strips age and lose their stick. I've had similar problems as the OP describes, and then bought new strips which work great.

  • Have you checked the weight limit for the ones you purchased? If your hanging something beyond that, it will fail.

  • Honestly, I have had so little luck with Command Strips. They always fall no matter how over the top I go with the weight recommendations. It's very frustrating, I know.