Why Everyone is Freaking Out Over These Country Cottage Rooms

This cozy and charming look is something we all want in our homes.

By Hometalk Highlights

Barn doors make the cutest headboard

Lightly sand and distress it using stain to create that vintage look.

Cottage details retain a french vibe

A lamp on top of stacked books is so chic.

Country open-shelving is bright and spacious

Display your dishes and create open space with this look.

Barn style doors add so much character

Even if you don’t live in a cottage, these doors are so charming.

Shiplap walls bring a soft vibe to rooms

Use white and beige tones to incorporate that beach look.

Touches of greenery provide bright color

Hang them anywhere to incorporate that country feel.

Cottage decor makes your room beachy all year

Use nautical-themed accents for that perfect touch.

Floral furniture makes a room cozy

Find different patterns in similar colors to coordinate this look.

White-washed wood is so charming

Use a dry rag to get that perfect wash effect.

Planked walls create easy focal points

Place some colored accents to draw it in even more.

Country blends well with modern

A throw blanket is the perfect way to add that cozy feeling.

You can play it colorful or neutral

Add bright colors using throw pillows, decor, and pictures.

It's easy to mix and match wood accents.

The wall decor really brings out the beautiful floor.