The Ultimate List of Window Upcycling Ideas

All the perfect DIY projects you can do with windows in one list.

By Hometalk Highlights

Turn it into a photo message board

It acts as a picture frame, and a place to write a cute message.

Or turn it into magnetic chalkboard

The chalkboard paint makes it the perfect thing to hang above your command center.

Transform it into a rustic country sign

A fun and easy project that can add so much to your porch.

Use it for simple wall decor

There doesn’t need to be anything in them, but a bunch of old window frames makes great rustic decor.

Etch it and hang it in your garden

Can’t you just imagine the sunlight streaming through this?

Upcycle it into a window garden box

We love this cottage chic way to plant your favorite flowers.

Transform it into a colorful shelf

The painted design makes it the perfect place to display your favorite trinkets.

Or give it a vintage look with brackets

The brackets really add to the window.

Turn it into a custom painting

Paint your favorite quote for a stunning way to add words to your home.

Stack them side by side into a yard fence

Is there anything you can’t do with windows?

Turn it into a BBQ station

Hang your utensils off of hooks for easy access while you’re grilling.

Build it into a see through coffee table

You can make any arrangement you want inside, or you can use it to hold your favorite books.

Paint it into a kitchen sign

We love the lunch stencil on this one.

Turn it into a memo board with chicken wire

This is so simple, and I like it much more than your typical cork board.

Paint it into a yearly calendar

Write any big events or exciting things going on in each pane.

Or turn it into a creamy antiqued mirror

This would look perfect in the foyer of any home.