The Best Stain Removal Tricks on the Internet

Your stains are no match for these tricks.

By Hometalk Highlights

The stain: Blue ink on a piece of lace

This couldn’t go in the wash, and the stain couldn’t be covered up.

The solution: A color catcher sheet

Damp the fabric and rub one of these magical sheets on it for an instant stain remover.

The stain: Dried up spit-up and drool

These baby clothes were stained, gross, and could not be re-used.

The solution: A spray of Shout and OxiClean

Spray the stain in Shout and soak in OxiClean, and those stains will get out in no time.

The stain: Paint and wood stain on your hands

No one likes it when your pretty hands are covered in paint or oil that just won’t come off.

The solution: Palmolive and a scrub brush

Pour some on and use a scrub brush to get your hands looking clean again.

The stain: Your classic carpet stain

Whether from an old oil spill or from your pet, this type of stain exists on almost every carpet.

The solution: Hydrogen peroxide and Dawn

Scrub these together and then blot dry with a towel for an instant stain remover.

The stain: Pee stains on a mattress

There’s no way you’re fitting this into a washing machine, so how else do you clean it?

The solution: Baking soda, dish soap, and HP

Spray baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and dish soap for a white and clean mattress.

The stain: Blood and chocolate on clothes

If you have kids, this is definitely your #1 stain problem.

The solution: Our favorite hydrogen peroxide

Add this with some baking soda and dish soap for our favorite stain fighter.

The Stain: Ink on your favorite blanket

All it takes is one little stain to become your least favorite blanket.

The solution: Blot with rubbing alcohol

After a bunch of blotting, this big ink stain was no more!