11 Amazing Toy Storage Ideas From Highly Organized Moms

If your floors are covered with toys, you're going to want to take a look at these ideas.

By Hometalk Highlights

Store endless amounts of Legos in buckets

Paint them with Lego faces and separate them by color.

Use PVC pipe for beanie babies and small toys

It’s a great way to store their collection and display it, too.

Keep them in comfy crate stools

You get a seat, a storage space, and a place to play.

Keep bathtub toys at bay with hanging bins

This makes clean up after bath time a pinch.

Repurpose a tire for mini toy cars

There’s no better way to display your kid's expansive Hot Wheels collection.

Store stuffed animals in a cute crate basket

They’ll remain in view without taking up too much space.

Paint IKEA wall cabinets for a display area

It keeps the floor clean, and allows your kid to display their favorite toys.

Fill a small bookcase with baskets

Organize their toys in a fashionable way with a rustic touch.

Use a small cabinet for Lego displays

You can close it up without ruining their masterpieces.

Pile books in ottomans

Keep your living room clean and tidy while giving your kids a secret place to stash things.

Turn an end table into a Lego table

It will still look nice in your living room, and you’ll have a place to store all those tiny pieces.