Make Your Dining Room Look Amazing for $100

Make it primp and pretty before your holiday guests arrive.

By Hometalk Highlights

Build your own shiplap wall

Your guests will be so impressed at how trendy you are.

Put together your own farmhouse table

No dining room is complete without a place to dine, so make sure you have the best one.

Or give your old dining set a makeover

A few fresh coats of paint can do wonders. Seriously.

Decorate your ceiling and chandelier

You wouldn’t think of decorating a ceiling, but this little update changed the whole room.

Hang up family photos in a creative way

Show off those great pictures you took last summer while also decorating your dining room.

Brighten up your set with chalk paint

Give it even more character with two or three colors, and soon you’ll wish there were more holidays.

Paint an old shutter into a cool runner

This stunning runner will make any table look gorgeous and set for the holidays.

Create a built-in bench for more seating

...and for more storage. Who wouldn’t want that?

Paint the cabinets and hinges

Okay, maybe this isn’t the project you want to take on right before the holidays, but it’s worth it.