Cat Owners: 12 Ways to Hide a Litter Box in Plain Sight

The Puuuuurfect way to contain mess and keep your kitty happy

By Hometalk Highlights

Cut a hole in a Home Depot cabinet

Let your cat cozy up in a luxury leveled cat toilet.

Repurpose a spare plastic bin

Get creative and cut a hole in the lid of a large bin. Kitty will hop in and hop out!

Flip a bin and cut a cat door on the side

Give your cat a large contained space while minimizing the mess!

Transform a deckbox into a kitty palace

Choose a roomy deckbox to repurpose, cut a hole in the side and you’ll never have dust problems again!

Turn a bench into a hidden litter spot

Upholster a top piece and add a kitty door and you’ve got a dual purpose piece of furniture

Gut an old cabinet to give your kitty privacy

A touch of rustic character can also make this litter box cover a decor talking piece.

Put a litter pan in a thrift store chest

All you need to do is cut an opening in the side and you’ve contained the dreaded litter mess for good.

Remove the back of a microwave stand

Nestle the litter box inside and keep the doors closed to contain the mess.

Carve a hidden nook in a gorgeous end table

No need to compromise on decor!Do something that will make your home and cat happy (Sandpaper & Glue).

Revamp a bedside table and add a kitty door

Pick a sturdy piece of wood and go to work, carving a space for your cat to crawl through (Charity Grams).

Add curtains to butcher block counter doors

Make a stylish statement while hiding the litter and maximizing on storage.