Don't Buy New Appliances! These 9 DIY Hacks Are Brilliant

If your appliance is looking old and dingy, there's plenty of ways to make it look new.

By Hometalk Highlights

Before: A standard old white fridge

The fridge still worked, but the look was outdated and old.

After: A modern stainless steel feel

With a few layers of paint, this fridge now looks new and transformed.

Before: A plain white oven and stove

This stove had no character and didn’t go with this hometalker’s farmhouse kitchen.

After: A perfect turquoise farmhouse oven

Who wouldn’t want this gorgeous stove in their kitchen?

Before: Your standard white KitchenAid mixer

This blogger already tried to make it different with an embellishment, but it didn’t do much.

After: A polka dotted bold mixer

This stands out on her kitchen counter and totally shows off her unique tastes.

Before: A glossy black and reflective fridge

You could see every stain and smudge on this fridge, even though it was black.

After: A chalkboard masterpiece for $15

Painting this with chalkboard paint made this fridge a central station in the kitchen.

Before: A boring and plain washer and dryer

While giving her laundry room a makeover, she realized she could do the same to her appliances.

After: A polka dotted matching set

This almost (almost!) makes doing laundry seem fun.

Before: A cute 1950s fridge that still worked

We’re just as shocked as you that this vintage piece actually worked.

After: a retro a colorful starter piece

Even if you’re not into the 50s style, you gotta love how this fridge looks now.

Before: A yucky almond colored dish washer

This dishwasher stuck out like a sore thumb in this black and white kitchen.

After: A black and white dishwasher to match

With just some spray paint, this blogger gave her dishwasher a new look to match her kitchen.

Before: An old white mixer that everyone has

It still works fine, but it’s time for some color.

After: A glitz and glammed up stand mixer

We love the gold accents with that turquoise color.

Before: An ugly pop-out window unit

There was nothing to take away from this huge bedroom eyesore.

After: A stylish framed surrounding

This make the room look so much better, and it keeps out the heat that used to seep in.