Don't Hang Your Wreath Before You See These 12 Updates

Before you head to the dollar store for a wreath, take a look at this.

By Hometalk Highlights

Flock it to give it a wintery feel

We do it to our trees, why not do it to our wreaths?

Jazz it up with some pinecones and a bow

Your boring wreath gets a total upgrade for about $1.

Add fake sprigs to plump it up

Then can something red and your wreath is totally ready to be hung on your door.

Tie on a perfect red bow

Honestly, this is all you need to turn your boring wreath into a classic one.

Fill it up with shiny ornaments

You can choose to use colorful ones, but gold and green works perfectly, too.

Wrap some polka dot ribbon around it

Give your wreath some fun and flare with bright colors.

Add plastic fruit for a festive wreath

We love how this wreath incorporates the traditional colors of red and green with apples and pears.

Personalize it with a monogram

This big letter in the center of your wreath is a perfect way to personalize it.

Change it up with different size ornaments

This looks so professional, but it cost under $20.

Add fresh evergreen and other plants

This wreath is a cornucopia of leafy branches, and it looks stunning.

Attach a bunch of jingle bells

Your wreath will look beautiful, and it will sound nice, too.