Asked on Dec 9, 2016

How can I make this mirror frame in to a picture frame?

LindaSanfordAttic And BarnVirginia


I have a huge mirror with a gold frame that I would like to make into a family picture frame but not sure what to do or where to start. Any suggestions? Thank you.
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  • Janet Pizaro
    Janet Pizaro
    on Dec 9, 2016

    I would attach the family photos on the mirror and seal it with Mod Podge to protect the pictures.
  • LindaSanford
    on Dec 9, 2016

    Thank you so much! I would like to change the gold to a blue but not sure what to use.
  • Deanna Nassar
    Deanna Nassar
    on Dec 10, 2016

    cover the mirror, doesn't have to be perfect unless you want that colored too. Then spray with blue of your choice, or get a bottle of acrylic and paint the frame, then mod podge it to add some protection
  • Kathy Bitzan
    Kathy Bitzan
    on Dec 10, 2016

    Are you leaving the mirror in the frame. If your not, just hang the frame after you up dated it and then hang your framed prints inside of it. Like a collage, It would be great for grouping small pics of family members.
  • LindaSanford
    on Dec 11, 2016

    Actually I'm going to keep the mirror in and place pictures on top. Making a collage sounds great! I've gotten wonderful suggestions I just need a starting point. Thank you.
    • Marlene Soto
      Marlene Soto
      on Dec 11, 2016

      Start with pic in center then work your way out I'm thinking I can do something like this now to hunt for mirror.......a reason to hit thrift store
  • LindaSanford
    on Dec 11, 2016

    I'm waiting for a family member to return my parents picture, thank you for the idea.
  • Kat964884
    on Dec 12, 2016

    I would keep the mirror spray paint the frame bring it up to date Not Gold Maybe dark brown then dry brush on some wood grain look or spray painted solid black depending on the surrounding colors in the room
  • Sophia,M.,McConnery
    on Dec 12, 2016

    Collage together something on a piece of cardboard,cut out to the shape of the mirror!
  • Anastasia Howard Peterke
    Anastasia Howard Peterke
    on Dec 13, 2016

    Using a chalk paint, you can distress it beautifully to show the detail.
  • Lta4486156
    on Dec 14, 2016

    There's a product that will take the mirror finish Off the back, Just use It only in the spot's you want to put your pictures. That way you can put the pictures on from the back side. I did that with a picture of my Husband and Son.
  • LindaSanford
    on Dec 14, 2016

    Great idea, thank you!
  • 62q10370829
    on Dec 14, 2016

    If me I would take mirror out & cuts thin PC of wood the shape of mirror to fit in back so you wouldn't have to worry about glass braking.
  • Eroque022810
    on Dec 16, 2016

    Because of style of frame, very ornate , I would do all the photos in black and white. I think that it would match the style period of the frame. Plus to me it wouldn't look so busy.
  • LindaSanford
    on Dec 17, 2016

    My parents photo is black and white so it makes sense that the pictures blend as well, thank you!
  • Virginia
    on Jan 5, 2017

    Keep it as a is GORGEOUS!!!!
    • LindaSanford
      on Jan 6, 2017

      Thank you! Funny I was just looking at the mirror this morning and thinking the same thing.
  • Attic And Barn
    Attic And Barn
    on Jan 8, 2017

    That' a expensive piece of mirror.
    I dare you to call around your local glass companies for replacement/ cost estimates before you dismantle it. Email them the above photo with all the curves ; )
    Glass and mirror can be painted, or even frosted on the room side, and carefully scraped off with a new razor blade later by whoever desires. Tape off gilded frame and paint away!
    I like the idea of a family collage, if you can find old fashion black photo mounting corners, very cool look, or double sided tape. Very light frames or matting could be artfully "hung" ( magic strips?) onto mirror or painted glass for gallery look. Could you find simple chrome & gold frames to coordinate with your rocker? Mix those metals!

  • LindaSanford
    on Jan 9, 2017

    I love your suggestions. I will contact a local glass company and will check Restore (Habitat for Humanity) they offer alittle bit everything.
    Thank you so much!
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