Transform Any Room in Under 2 Hours With These 11 Brilliant Ideas

You never knew it was THIS easy to transform a room.

By Hometalk Highlights

Turn your guest bed into a daybed

With a dust ruffle and some throw pillows, this messy guest room became a nice area.

Add a stamp to liven up the walls

This only took 2 hours to do, and it totally transformed the bathroom.

Give you fireplace a whitewash look

It totally upgrades the room, and it doesn’t take much time at all.

Upgrade your lighting

A fun and big chandelier like this puts the entire room together.

Add a spa feel to your tub

Secure faux stone to give it a spa feel and new upgrade.

Install shelves for more storage room

You won’t believe how much a couple of new shelves can transform (and organize!) a room.

Stick on decorative contact paper

Whether it’s a marble accent or chevron stripes in your cabinet, this does so much for so little.

Transform your mantel with a wood beam

Turn that ugly brick mantel into a rustic one with this easy wood cover.

Add class to your couch with new legs

By replacing the legs on this IKEA couch, the whole room became classier.

Or paint your couch a new color

Spray paint it a new vibrant color and totally transform your living room.

Create your own pillow covers

These easy envelope pillow covers are perfect for adding color to any room.

Paint your rug with a cool design

A new rug costs a lot, but painting one does not. And it totally affects the room.

Add trim and moulding to your windows

This doesn’t take long at all, and we guarantee it will transform your room.