Save Your Bottle Caps for These 28 Clever Ideas

Uncap your bottles and hold onto those topper for some top ideas!

By Hometalk Highlights

A Useful Cute Finger Pin Cushion

Glue a pom pom to a bottle cap, then attach an elastic band to the other side of the cap & wrap it around your finger.

An Amazing Boho Mirror

You’ll need a circular piece of plywood, a dollar store mirror sans a frame, bottle caps, dollar store gems, and metallic paint.

A Colorful State Sign

Collect some colorful bottle caps and a grab a few 1x4 pieces of pallet wood and Gorilla glue and voila! The state of Kentucky!

A Rad Mosaic Metal Patio Chair

Clean your metal bistro patio furniture, take apart the chair seat, cut a round piece of plywood, coat with paint & adhere caps.

An Adorable Cap Christmas Tree

Collect bottle caps, spray paint them green, glue to card stock, add a red & white ribbon tree topper, then frame it for cute X-mas decor.

A Super Retro Lamp Shade

Print vintage soda bottle caps (or collect them), cut them, then trace the template for the shade onto fabric paper cut & paste and done!

A Rustic Themed Magnet Board

Mod podge a stone into a vintage bottle cap then glue a slice of magnet strip to the back.

An Adorable Christmas Reindeer

Glue googly eyes and buttons inside the upside down bottle cap, then attach red string and branches for horns. Cute!

A Delicate Burlap Canvas Art

Once you’ve decorated the center of your burlap canvas, add a bottle cup for a bit of whimsy.

A Steampunk Decor Piece

Collect old bottle caps and add a touch of vintage look with patterned gemstones and pebbles. Get your steampunk on!

A Serving Table For Your Porch

Turn a flea market find into something unique with bottle caps, a TV stand a spray painted tray. Glue beer caps to a tray then add poly.

A Chic Vintage Kitchen Cabinet Knob

You’ll need pliers, metal dowel like attachments and an adhesive. Fit it into your kitchen cabinet and voila!

A Bottle Cap Floor

Use tile mortar and black grout to adhere and keep the bottle in place as you coat your floor.

A Bonnet For Easter

Hot glue the felt for the hat around the cap, and decorate with fake florals or a button.

A Magnet For The Fridge

Adhere a magnet on the back with hot glue, fill with pretty little items, then coat with resin.

A Moral Of Beer And Wine

Show your love for drinks by lining the wall with bottle caps, and filling in the bubbles of beer with marbles.

A Personal Gift For A Loved One

Mold clay for decorative sweets like pies or cover over a cellphone case with gems.

A Monogram Wine Glass

Simply tie with twine a bottle cap, then add a charm with a friend’s initial.

A Bottle Catcher For Your Beer

Start collecting beer caps with this catcher by hammering galvanized nails and using wood glue.

A Playful Candle

Place the wick inside the cap, heat up wax, and pour inside for a tiny candle.

A Gift For Valentine’s Day

Heat up wax, pour in with melted crayon, and decorate with air dry clay.

A Magnetic Chalkboard For The Kitchen

Coat the board in chalkboard paint, connect magnets to the back of Snapple bottles, and now you have a special board.

A Hanger For Toothbrushes

Take 20L bottle caps, cut a notch in, and spray paint a bright color for hanging your brushes.

A Center To A Pretty Flower

Cut off the bottom of a plastic bottle, paint it, and add the cap to the center for a floral.

An Updated Ottoman

Paint a wood finish on as top coat, glue caps in the corner, and place for decorative finish to a table.

A Mexican Folk Art Tribute

Cover crosses in Allure Dimensional Design Adhesive paints, and seal with Liquid Glass.

A Colorful Ring Holder

Cover an unused CD in caps, fill with styrofoam, and now you have a turnable holder.