Asked on Apr 18, 2017

What is a good way to level out a concrete walkway?

B. mMarilyn OlsonSandy Stotz Johnson


We have about a 10 foot walkway from the driveway to the front stoop. Over the years it has dropped on one side. The level changes about two inches. Any suggestions other than jacking it up? The concrete has also cracked, so the surface is rather unsightly.
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  • Jackie Gulick-Dunn
    Jackie Gulick-Dunn
    on Apr 18, 2017

    we were told we had to replace ours🙁
  • William
    on Apr 18, 2017

    No repair. Will need to be replaced.
  • Sandy Stotz Johnson
    Sandy Stotz Johnson
    on Apr 19, 2017

    Use a pinch bar to raise it up and the spry foam under it to fill the gap. We have done this. It is worth a try.
  • Marilyn Olson
    Marilyn Olson
    on Apr 24, 2017

    Thanks for the suggestions! Regarding replacement - this was our fear but may have to happen.
  • B. m
    B. m
    on Apr 26, 2017

    Right off the top, WHY is it sinking?? you need to be sure there isn't anything under the area in question that us gonna create a bigger issues in the future (ie: Leaky pipe, Sinkhole, roots, Ants, gophers, ground squirrels, bee hive, ETC).

    I have skimmed a 6-7' long by 30" wide, about 1" to 3 1/4" deep section of pathway with rapid set cement as a temporary fix and its lasted 12 years. we were moving 600 lbs gun safe in to the house the next day.

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