Asked on Jun 9, 2017

I'm a 65 yr female. Can i learn 2 use a drill?

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  • Darlene Durand
    Darlene Durand
    on Jun 9, 2017

    Of course
  • Lisa Bradley-Schroeck
    Lisa Bradley-Schroeck
    on Jun 9, 2017

    Absolutely! Have someone show you the's not hard 🙂
  • Key cottage michigan
    Key cottage michigan
    on Jun 9, 2017

    Try to find an old drill with a hand crank and soon you will be successful and can move on to an electric drill. It's all about trying new things and progressing.
  • Rebecca Peterson
    Rebecca Peterson
    on Jun 9, 2017

    Absolutely!! You could also You Tube "how to" on using a drill. Oh, check Home Depot. They have Lady workshops once a month I believe. Good Luck.
  • JB
    on Jun 9, 2017

    Yes, of course! 😄
  • Brenda Workman
    Brenda Workman
    on Jun 9, 2017

    I'm 64 and learning to use drill and saws. Let's do it.

  • Claire Amirault
    Claire Amirault
    on Jun 9, 2017

    At 65 you can learn to do anything. There's a lot of life left, so get out there and drill baby drill
  • Nstrasser1
    on Jun 9, 2017

    You bet you. I'm 76 and I learned.
  • Coolfurniturelady
    on Jun 9, 2017

    I'm also 64 and use my drills several times a week. Drills are simpler than power saws. I took a beginners woodworking class at the local vocational school (continuing education for adults) a few years ago to learn how to (not be afraid to) use a table saw. Good luck and be safe!
  • Bonnie
    on Jun 9, 2017

    Sure you can, just make sure you buy a good one and by all means make sure it light weigh,I had one and almost broke my wrist,but I got a light one it call Rockwell got at Lowes,it perfect and so easy to used.
  • Patricia
    on Jun 9, 2017

    I am still doing most of the fixits around my house. I just replaced the toilet Fill valve. I also made my raised garden bed, flower boxes and potting table for the shed. I'll be 80 this fall. Never tell me I can't do it.
  • Marcie Davis
    Marcie Davis
    on Jun 9, 2017

    I love it....Ms. Patricia and Ms. are my hero! I hope when I'm 65/80, if I make it that long, I too can do these type things for myself. To heck with a Mr. FixIt.....I'm Miss. I Can Do It..... (Hope to purchase myself a camper and travel once I get to retire....)
  • Sma12254424
    on Jun 11, 2017

    absolutely; go to any Home Depot or lowes- they will show you how.
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