What can do with lots of saved bar soap slivers?

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  • Suzette Suzette on Jun 26, 2017
    Hi Jan, Here's a video on how to make new bars of soap from your slivers! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0m69EiNy77s

    Here's to good clean fun! hehehhe
  • Fiddledd224 Fiddledd224 on Jun 26, 2017
    Save them in an old piece of panty hose- hang it near the outside hose and use it to clean your hands after gardening.
  • Margaret Humphreys Margaret Humphreys on Jun 26, 2017
    Break into smaller pieces and put into boiling watertill soft, then press into a small containerto make a new tablet of soap .done it for years. It works!
  • Honeybabe Honeybabe on Jun 26, 2017
    Melt them and pour into moulds to make new bars of soap
  • Beth1963 Beth1963 on Jun 26, 2017
    If you're a gardener, and happen to have Irish Spring, use it to fend off deer!

    Otherwise, you can rebatch your soap slivers into new bars of soap, or make laundry soap out of them both by either grating them down to shavings, or just leaving them in a container of water for awhile until they melt.

    I make soaps from scratch, so have a lot of experience with this topic. lol. Be creative! Use the melted down soaps (once the water evaporates) to make soap on a rope. Or pour it into molds of your choosing. Just don't pour it into something that's metal (like a cupcake tin) or you won't get it out of there for a year, unless you line it with plastic wrap first. Silicone is best for a mold, and even some plastics will work if you either line it with plastic wrap, or spray with cooking spray.....and don't mind waiting for it to dry so you can remove it. Either way, it will take time for the water to evaporate so you can remove your newly made soap bars. Put them in a dust free space and forget about them for a few weeks.

    OR, if you don't want to do all this, and just want to use them up fast, re-use a mesh bag and put them all in the bag together, and hang it in the shower, then use that as sort of a soap on a rope to lather up your washcloth.

  • Beth1963 Beth1963 on Jun 26, 2017
    btw; if you have a LOT of soap slivers, put them in a crock pot with just enough water to wet them and turn it on really low, then stir it every day until they're melted. You want a "batter" consistency that's easy to pour, but not too watery.
  • Lora Lora on Jun 26, 2017
    I just always kind of attach them to the new bar while they are soft and will conform to the shape. Then you never have the leftovers.
  • Karen Gravelle Karen Gravelle on Jun 26, 2017
    I do the same as Lora. We never have any leftover soap scraps.
  • Michele Pappagallo Michele Pappagallo on Jun 26, 2017
    Put them in a jar, cover them with water, stir occasionally. They will melt down and make liquid hand soap after a little bit of time.
  • Gale O'Neal Gale O'Neal on Jun 26, 2017
    Shred with cheese grater and put in your garden to deter deer from eating your plants.

  • Virginia Virginia on Jun 26, 2017
    Just to clarify the comments above:
    If you are adding water to soaps to make them turn into a new shape, you are dissolving the soaps. More accurately, you are making a suspension of the soap.

    If you are putting the soaps over heat or in a crock pot, you are melting the soaps.

    If you put water and heat into your soap, you are still dissolving the soaps. The heat allows the soap to form into suspension better. When the water is removed from the finished product, you will have soap again in the more solid form and less water.
  • Gail Gail on Jun 26, 2017
    melt them down in a dish/pot of very hot water. use a piece of fabric or netting to create a bag to put them in. sew 3 sides of the bag while the gob of soap dries. put the soap in the bag/pouch sew up the 4th side and you have a washcloth filled with soap. you can also knit/crochet a bag/pouch, hand sew the open end so you can refill it again.
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