Pallets- where can I get them?

Polly Zieper
by Polly Zieper
I've been to 2 Home Depots in my town and neither would allow me to take even ONE- where is everyone in the DIY WORLD GETTING THEM?
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  • Not surprising as most places have to pay a deposit for the pallets - with that I would try tile stores, Best Buys, local contractors, or a specialty pallet company (you know the ones with tons stacked around) - finding them for free can be tough
  • The Painted Hinge The Painted Hinge on Aug 25, 2015
    I've seen pallets on Craigslist! Usually people want a few bucks for them, but on occasion they're free if people just want to get rid of them.
  • Beverly Hullender Beverly Hullender on Aug 25, 2015
    Since they're so in demand anymore, you may try asking where you might be able to purchase them from a supplier. Great is you find them for free, but maybe have to settle for "cheap." ASK. Sometimes people may not have them but can tell you where you can find them. Good luck and happy hunting!
  • Dee Dee on Aug 25, 2015
    You also have to be careful with pallets. The ones that are treated are not safe in the house especially if you hve little ones round. I have seen them at tile stores and they can be generous by giving you some.
  • Denise Denise on Aug 25, 2015
    As youre drivoving around town, look behind businesses, you will be amazed at how many pallets are sitting around, just waiting to be used. Just go inside and ask the owner/manager if he will be using them, or if you can take them off his hands, for FREE! Somewhere on this sote, someone posted the codes for good pallets vs bad. I think if you look at markings on the pallets, any that begin with H are heat treated. If it starts with an M, its chemicals. Google Pallet marking codes and make sure Im telling you right. Good luck. Always ask if you see something you might be able to use, for free. All they can do is say No. Good luck
  • Marcy Marcy on Aug 26, 2015
    @Polly Zieper here is a link to a Hometalk Guide all about building with pallets:
  • Carol Carol on Aug 26, 2015
    Go to Sears they always have pallets
  • Angela Herremans Angela Herremans on Aug 26, 2015
    I go to industrial site a lot of companies will put old pallets out on the curb side for pickers if your not sure just pop into the company and ask them. I also find them in the large skip bins along with other wood for the picking :-) outside some factory outlets like kitchen cabinet builders and the suck like.
  • Andrew Kilheffer Andrew Kilheffer on Aug 26, 2015
    Watch the free section on Craigslist for your area, there are always pallets and scrap wood offered on mine. keep an eye out behind any business areas as well. Good luck.
  • Many companies have deposits on pallets. In my area there are no free pallets. May I offer an alternative? Home Depot has fence pickets that I use for a lot of projects
  • Patty S Patty S on Aug 26, 2015
    Go to construction sites. Their building supplies arrive on them and they just toss them.
  • 153091 153091 on Aug 26, 2015
    Must be a pallet making shop near by...check the yellow pages. They have to get them somewhere.Lucky me, we have several local pallet plants..YEAH!!
  • Adrian Adrian on Aug 26, 2015
    Ace Hardware or some other family owned hardware stores and CraigsList.
  • Miss Emily Jo Miss Emily Jo on Aug 26, 2015
    I get all the pallets I want for free at an air-conditioner place. (The units are packed in crates, on pallets, when they are delivered.) Also at the hospital.
  • Pat Hannigan Pat Hannigan on Aug 26, 2015
    I work in a nursing facility, and we get tons of deliveries from food to diapers, and the pallets just sit around until they can get rid of them. They welcome people stopping by. Check out local facilities and hospitals to see if they have the same problem.
  • Georgia Georgia on Aug 26, 2015
    I work for a fastener store. We get pallets 2 or 3 times a week and we give them away.
  • Carol Barr Schumaker Carol Barr Schumaker on Aug 26, 2015
    Our cooperative (electric) burns ours. So stop by your local Electric Company.
  • Kaye Watkins Kaye Watkins on Aug 26, 2015
    Any large company recycles pallets for $$$. Small stores are more likely to let you have a couple of pallets.
  • Shannon Shannon on Aug 26, 2015
    Go to the industrial parks/areas in your town. I find a ton just driving behind the buildings. Just be sure they a being thrown away before you take them.
  • Kelly Kelly on Aug 26, 2015
    Ask any friends that work in manufacturing. Many factories will let them have them.
  • Dee Dee on Aug 26, 2015
    Transmission shops, tire shops, convenience stores, breweries. Lots of places get pallets from companies that don't take them back due to cost-factor of transportation vs. replacement. Think of office supply stores, furniture stores, whatever . . .
  • Mary Ker Mary Ker on Aug 26, 2015 often has them. Or craigs list.
  • Carol Carol on Aug 26, 2015
    If there is a newspaper printing facility. They usually give them away. Our news paper runs a for free ad at least once a month. Also try storage/ moving companies. Check your local newspaper "for free" column. Check Craig's list both community listings and the for free in the for sale listings. Drive arround an industrial park and if you see any ask the owner/manager if you can have them. I don't know about grocery stores but maybe big box stores like sam's club or Costco. This is just a partial list. I'm sure you can think of a whole lot more places to try. Did I mrntion the "dump" or recycle facilities.
  • StilTX StilTX on Aug 26, 2015
    Wish you lived near me. I have 5 that I would like someone to have.
  • Bob355548 Bob355548 on Aug 26, 2015
    Local lumber store not lowes or home depot.
  • Joan Joan on Aug 26, 2015
    Our local Craig's list always has several ads for free pallets.
  • Eileen B. Eileen B. on Aug 26, 2015
    Paint stores, gardening stores.
  • Ann Ann on Aug 26, 2015
    I ran into this same dilemma. I got a few from our local Walmart nursery guy and a few more from random businesses. I actually bought ten of them from the local Restore for $2 apiece. Seems there are businesses who buy old pallets and haul truckloads of them away, so there is the competition for OUR pallet wood. But at the same Restore they had loads of used fence boards for $1 apiece so that is a good alternative for my projects.
  • Marcia Marcia on Aug 26, 2015
    Most box stores reuse their pallets. they discourage ladies in Escalades from pilfering their pallet supplies.
  • JAN JAN on Aug 26, 2015
    Craigslist under free
  • Deb Deb on Aug 26, 2015
    Our newspaper offers them. Try calling yours to see if they do.
  • Bill Bill on Aug 26, 2015
    All of your replies are great places. Just be careful of the type of pallet and what it has been used for. Some come in carrying chemicals or chemical contained products. Also some of the wood itself has been treated. I have seen in the past a way to tell if they are usable. Ask around for help on that as I do not remember what it was ( why they could not be used ). Good luck.
    • Mari Dots Mari Dots on Aug 26, 2015
      @Bill great hint Bill! I never would have thought of it. There are pallet recycling centers all over the place. I think Craigslist is the best idea, although I have gotten many of them from the local feed stores. They stack a ton of feed on each pallet, have a pallet jack to move the feed around and the pallets accumulate quickly.
  • Carole Carole on Aug 26, 2015
    Some building and hardware stores will let you take them if you ask. We have a Home Hardware timber and hardware store and they have a large plant nursery area. Their pots and stuff are delivered on pallets and sometimes they get rid of some. Plant nurseries are good places to try.
  • Penny Penny on Aug 26, 2015
    Usually small lawn and garden stores they have to pay to get rid of there garbage and I would think they would rather give them away instead of paying to get rid of husband does in his business
  • Reba Matthews Reba Matthews on Aug 26, 2015
    I called a place that made pallets and I was given some that they were getting rid of . The pallets were rough but hey they were free . I got an entire flat bed trailer full ,stacked high . Good luck .
  • Ahmeans Ahmeans on Aug 26, 2015
    A friend of mine runs a pet supply store - I asked him about pallets and he wanted to know if I wanted 50 or 100 - he was relieved to get rid of them any way he could. Try a local small business - you may have better luck with them and then large chains
  • Angela Herremans Angela Herremans on Aug 27, 2015
    Our local stores here in Texas give the pallets to the local high school for their woodworking classes as it helps to save on buying timber for the students to make things :-) bit of bummer for me :-) but here we try to support our local children from kindergarten to high school :-) As I have a good reason to visit Stanthorpe which is about an hour plus drive from me they have an industrial site so I am going to check them out next fortnight when I go there for my Aldi shopping :-)
  • Janie Janie on Aug 27, 2015
    Agreed, smaller businesses are your better bet b/c it's not worth it to them to sell them. They throw them out. Also, try hospitals, Try advertising WANTED in your local Free Cycle which is a great forum for Offering or Getting free stuff. Good luck!
  • Psellers Psellers on Aug 27, 2015
    Check you local newspaper office
  • Ahmeans Ahmeans on Aug 28, 2015
    Free cycle groups and buy nothing groups are also a source for me
  • Naillady911 Naillady911 on Sep 02, 2015
    Check Craigslist in your city. If you don't see any advertise that you are looking for them on Craigslist. I get them from a local roofing company that gets them in large quantities and gives them away free. Good luck!
  • Heather Stimmel Heather Stimmel on Sep 04, 2015
    Easy!!! ANY hardware/home improvement store, office supply stores, any newspaper office, in alleyways/dumpsters, big box/discount stores (Kmart, Walmart, Big Lots, Ollie's, etc.), supermarkets/shops, join your area's "Buy, Free, Sell" group, on Facebook (there may be multiple!), join your area's "Freecycle" group. Also, put a free ad in your local newspaper/"Pennysaver/" etc. Before too long, you'll have so many pallets... you'll have to build another home just to use up the wood, lol;-)
  • Kaye Watkins Kaye Watkins on Sep 05, 2015
    It is NOT ok to take pallets from big box stores without asking. Walmart recycles every pallet & the $$ goes into a fund for employees. Pallets are not thrown away... they ARE worth $$$. Ask or you are stealing!!!!
  • Van Kylerson Van Kylerson on Oct 08, 2021

    I know people donate pallets on

  • Libbie B Libbie B on Nov 26, 2023

    Try smaller local stores. The large big box places sell them back to the trucking companies.

  • There’s a pallet rehabber near me, maybe there’s one near you. Lots of people pick them up and sell them to places (I live in a major city); maybe there’s a collection point near you and they’ll part with some.