Are There Any Ideas For My Studio Apartment?!

My Apartment Is Small, Whereas The Living Room, Kitchen Area Meet, But I Do Have A Separate Bedroom And Bathroom Though!!! I'll Show Pics Of My Place At A Later Date, I Wanna Do With My Apartment Without Compromising My Lease Agreement?!!!

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  • Shirley Heikkinen Shirley Heikkinen on Aug 02, 2017
    If in doubt, get permission in writing. Start by reading your lease. Many do not even allow you to paint or put nails or screws in the wall. Is the furniture yours or is it a furnished apartment? It would help to know if you want to add color, brighten it up, bring it up to date, accomplish something on a budget or what.

  • Lavonne Lavonne on Aug 02, 2017
    You can easily change the color of the walls without painting, by hanging a quilt or a cool rug on a focal wall.

  • Brenda Brandt Deason Brenda Brandt Deason on Aug 02, 2017
    I once had an apartment neighbor who painted her walls, but she had an agreement with the manager that she would paint them back to "apartment white" again before she moved out. She did, and the managers didn't have to get it painted, so it worked out well for everyone. In general, though, what you want to do is focus on the things that you CAN change. Keep your furniture on the small side so it is proportionate with the room. Be creative with storage so that the space feels open, not cluttered. Keep your color scheme fairly neutral with bright pops of color. When I lived in a small cabin with a similar layout, we put an "island" which was just three sides and a top, between the kitchen and the living room. The kitchen side was open, with sideways crates for shelving, so everything stored in it was very convenient, (no space for doors, and we weren't that handy) but from the living room side, it was just a small wall that blocked the view of the kitchen and made the room feel less cluttered. You might be able to accomplish the same thing by putting your couch between the kitchen and the living room, like Monica's apartment on Friends.

  • Jul17686545 Jul17686545 on Aug 02, 2017
    You could do a screen. Like an asian themed one, or a candle wall.

  • Tina Tina on Aug 02, 2017
    try to hand things and areas that you can conceal items in like a pantry and use as a closet

  • FL FL on Aug 02, 2017
    Hmmm, well its not technically a 'studio" if you have a separate bedroom, trust me, it makes a difference. So, you need to create a separation between the kitchen and living room, right? Can you set up shelves to divide the area? Simple IKEA-type bookshelves dividing the rooms while giving precious storage space on the shelves and in boxes or baskets you can store on them.
    Since its open shelving, it will look nice from both rooms. Some people clear off the top of the shelves and throw pretty fabric or a tablecloth over the whole thing and use it as a sideboard when hosting a dinner, setting out side dishes, plates, beverage containers, etc. Since nothing is attached to the walls or floors, the lease agreement is left in peace! Good luck!