How can we better care for our plants

Living in a large metropolis, each year we fight the battle of the plants...Our apartment has a terrace overlooking the Hudson river so there is an abundance of natural light. Post 9/11 though, the plants never seem to stay healthy for long. Regular watering, plant food and TLC just doesn't seem to be enough. Hardy plants like crotons and boxwoods struggle, we have given up on hibiscus plants and sweet potato vines are eventually pockmarked with holes.
SOS...any helpful tips would be appreciated.
The Banks Family
q how can we better care for our plants
The croton in the foreground is 1/4 the size that it was at the beginning of summer and two of the plants pictured are recent replacements
q how can we better care for our plants
The croton lost all its undergrowth and the beugonias were recently repoaced.
q how can we better care for our plants
The indoor plants are constantly shedding leaves without much activity of new growth.
q how can we better care for our plants
The fern turned almost completely yellow and is now much sparser than originally...also this week the boxwood got completely dry...though still green.
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  • Kba27697237 Kba27697237 on Sep 17, 2017
    Not enough filtered light - over or under watering...

    • Jessica Morton Jessica Morton on Sep 18, 2017
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  • Shay Shay on Sep 18, 2017
    The holes in the sweet potato gone are likely from slugs. Sprinkle a small amount let on the soil, or buy slug bait at your garden center.
  • Shay Shay on Sep 18, 2017
    Make sure you are providing the environment each individual plant needs. Group all plants that need shade or filtered sun together. They may need to be placed under small decorative garden decor. Remember that morning sun is less intense than afternoon sun. Watering deeply but less often is better than just a quick sprinkle every day. Watering deeply but less often causes the plant to be deep rooted, and it can handle stress better.
  • Dottiewilkie Dottiewilkie on Sep 20, 2017
    It sounds like 9/11 changed your lighting. If you went from filtered light to full light, you can only change the type of plant that will grow there.
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