I need an idea of how to decorate a large stump?

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  • Cindy Hagemann Cindy Hagemann on Oct 29, 2017
    We bought a large cast iron pot and I plant flowers in it.
  • Joanie Joanie on Oct 29, 2017
    Good idea Cindy...........also add some vines around the edges of the pot to extend down!!!
  • Cindy Hagemann Cindy Hagemann on Oct 29, 2017
    I may have to try that too!
  • Tammi Tammi on Oct 29, 2017
    Try turning into a fairy garden area using the large stump as a focal point of a fairy house
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Oct 29, 2017
    I had to giggle...I am facing the same thing! Irma came through Atlanta and took out 3 large limbs on one of my big trees...it has to come down! It is so large, they will have to bring in a crane! They promised me they would cut it close to the ground.
    I have all my sewer, water, sprinkler system, etc. and I don't want equipment going across my yard so a stump grinder is out of the question.
    I am going to have my son drill deep holes in the stump, use stump decaying product in holes, place my rocks back around the stump, cover it with pine straw (no one will know it is there) and then set flower pots of all sizes on the stump! I will post photos next Spring.
    Hey, I may add shepherds poles all around and add hanging baskets!!! I will probably wind up being an oasis of plants!
  • Vic24090418 Vic24090418 on Oct 29, 2017
    Sand it the best you can. Stain it. Varnish it and voila you have a chair!
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Oct 29, 2017
    As you can see, I don't want my sidewalk cracked either and this area will b a great place for a small "garden!" Even after the stump is gone, we can fill it in with soil and plant iris or daylilies there!
  • Itsmemic Itsmemic on Oct 29, 2017
    I see people mount flags to them. I personally got a guy that did stumpgrinding and had him do every single stump in my yard. I cut down many many dead and diseased trees last year... He did a great job and it was pretty cheap ! He grinds down 18 inches below surface.
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