What is the fastest way to remove wallpaper?

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  • Rowgop (Pam) Rowgop (Pam) on Nov 17, 2017
  • Kim Kim on Nov 17, 2017
    For properly installed paper
    I bought a paper tiger which scratches little lines all over the paper, then sprayed water on it and allowed it to soak in. You’ll see discoloration at all of those little lines😊
    Then a metal scraper took off the majority of the paper. A second round of water and scraping finished the job! Well, except I still had to wash wall with TSP to clean the residue.

    For improperly installed paper I did the above but I had to find edges and peel as much as I could in between cutting and spraying and scraping until I swore I would never tackle wallpaper again 😡 and then, after many rounds, as I scraped off the last bits, I said “That really wasn’t all that bad!”.

    So, ’fast’ when speaking of wallpaper could range from hours to days, depending on the wallpaper you are working with.
    When the weird yellow, pink, blue, and orangey floral menagerie is no longer on your walls the time spent will be worth it!!!

    Hope yours is quick and easy!
  • Amanda Amanda on Nov 17, 2017
    Hello. In my opinion there isn't a fast way but once it is done it is so rewarding. I use a wall paper scorer and then use DIFF (wall paper remover product) and scrap off. After it is all off I wipe the walls down to make sure all of the glue is removed.
  • Sandra Allen Sandra Allen on Nov 17, 2017
    This video is great but make sure your volume is down. It's kind of loud.

  • Sis15104622 Sis15104622 on Nov 17, 2017
    Depending on the wallpaper paste that was used. If it was wheat paste you can pull the paper and it will come off easily. If a stronger wallpaper glue was used, It will removed not only the paper. It will also remove the sheetrock. Speaking from experience. You may need to Rent a steamer.???? i hope this helps. 😇
  • Cecile Whyte Cecile Whyte on Nov 17, 2017
    2 parts fabric softener to 1 part water and a scraper. Warm water speeds up the process.
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