How to hang inside doors on a cabinet without showing hinges

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  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jan 29, 2018
    Go to your home improvement stores and ask them. None of my cabinets have hinges showing from the outside, but they are inset on the door itself and the hinges that attach to them are on the inside of the side wall. I am sure you can find what you want.
  • 2dogal 2dogal on Jan 29, 2018
    There are specific hidden hinges made for cabinets. Most places like Home Depot and Lowe's have them.
  • Ken Ken on Jan 29, 2018
    I am guessing that by "inside doors" you mean inside the house rather than outside, no?
    These are special hinges called "European". Most require boring a 35mm flat bottom hole in the cabinet box with a Forstner bit and you do not use a face frame on the cabinet. The doors must be large enough to cover the entire opening.

  • Gale Allen Jenness Gale Allen Jenness on Jan 29, 2018
    Their called concealed hinges to help find what your looking for. There’s several different types of concealed hinges and will vary how far your cabinet door will open. You’ll see they range from 90, 110, & I believe 240 degree hinges. Of course there’s cheap hinges that will be the 90 degrees. But I don’t recommend them. For one there’s not much adjustment with the hinges if any other then slot where the hinges screw to the cabinets to raise or lower the door roughly a 1/8” ! Your very best hinges will have a larger arm with screws that can adjust your doors from side to side roughly 1/4” from one direction to the other. These are not a hinge you just screws on to your doors, there’s at least one 32mm hole to inset the hinge into and if you happen to have the concealed hinge machine for mounting hinges there also be a smaller hole on each side of the larger hole too. Assuming you don’t have the roughly $3,000.00 concealed hinge machine be sure to tell whoever you buy your hinges from that you’ll be screwing the hinges on by hand. But you will still need the 32mm hole to inset the hinge on the door! I recommend using YouTube and search for installing concealed hinges on cabinet doors. Your really going to need to know all the specifics of how and where to drill the holes for the hinges you buy and the hinges don’t always come with the directions they should! At the very least you will need a drill press and you’ll need the drill bit that I believe should be 32mm for the concealed hinge to be inset into the door, you’ll need to make a jig to mount to your drill press so your hinges will be drill accurately on every door. Trying to drill this by hand is dangerous and won’t be accurate enough to properly mount your hinges! YouTube should hopefully give you a better idea what I’m trying to explain hopefully? These are not the easiest hinges to install on cabinets doors like the normal hinges that are seen
  • Sharon Stigall Sharon Stigall on Jan 29, 2018
    Hi, Just wanted to say thank you so much.