Asked on Feb 19, 2018

I have splattered , dried grease on my refrigerator.

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I have tried everything to get it off only thing that came close to removing it was a SOS pad but it wants to scratch and remove the paint? If I ever get this off , do you think if I waxed it like a car , it would come off easier if it ever happens again?

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  • Sasha
    on Feb 19, 2018

    Try Degreaser from Home Depot. Once off clean regularly.
  • Dst21038697
    on Feb 19, 2018

    Mr. Clean magic eraser or even one from the Dollar Tree and Lestoil should remove with ease. Just don't scrub super hard. Scrub lightly. Lestoil is fantastic for removing all types of grease and oil.
  • Janet Panos
    Janet Panos
    on Feb 19, 2018

    Hello! Typically, if something is heated, it is removed more easily. For instance, applying heat to hardened gum when will soften the gum. It becomes gooey and can be scraped off. The same might be true about the grease on your fridge. Heat it up with a hair dryer and then it might come off more readily. Also I have had luck with removing baked on grease from oven racks using an equal combination of white vinegar and Dawn dish detergent. If you could make a paste of it using baking soda and let it sit on the grease for a couple of hours that might help too. Good luck!
  • Mary
    on Feb 19, 2018

    use HOT soapy water to get the residue off first, then use Magic Eraser , next wash it down again w/Murphys Oil soap. I would think using a car wax would give it a protective layer to repel grease and grim
  • Robyn.reviere
    on Feb 19, 2018

    Ammonia diluted or not, ventilate.
  • Jud29086569
    on Feb 20, 2018

    Thank you to everyone who answered , I am off work tomorrow, I will start down the list and try them all !!! Thank- you, love, Judy
  • Minya Own Bizness
    Minya Own Bizness
    on Feb 20, 2018

    I just used oven cleaner and let set for 30 minutes, came off pretty easy
  • Alberta Coulter
    Alberta Coulter
    on Feb 20, 2018

    Have you tried Murphys oil soap? It is an oil based soap and works well on grease. Try using it with Mr. Clean magic erasers. They are very fine and I don't think they will damage the finish.
  • Puf31413395
    on Feb 20, 2018

    Waxing won't help
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