How do you remove paint from a new stainless steel sink?

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  • Jennifer Jennifer on Mar 22, 2018
    Spray WD-40 on it, let it sit for a bit then use something similar to an ice scraper to get it off then clean with soap. If it still doesn't come off, you didn't let the WD-40 sit long enough
  • Alice Alice on Mar 22, 2018
    This might help...
  • AmAtHome AmAtHome on Mar 22, 2018
    If it's latex paint, I had pretty good luck with KrudKutter on several surfaces.
  • Becca Becca on Mar 22, 2018
    If it's just a spot, you could try a plastic scraper. Don't use anything like Goo Gone or Goof off as it can mess up the stainless finish. If the paint is extensive you may need to take it somewhere to be blasted with walnut shells.
  • Ro Ro on Mar 22, 2018
    Try Goof Off
  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Mar 22, 2018
    You tell it straight, Jennifer from Hutto, Tx. WD40 is good for so much more than oiling hinges. Just be sure to get all the oil drips off whatever job you are doing. ☺️
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