What can I make for my dad’s new house out of old barn wood?

I have unlimited access to old barn wood from the old family farm. I also saved an ol hinge and latch from an old door.

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  • Jana Jana on Mar 25, 2018
    A feature wall with the old barn wood would be wonderful. You could also add some items made from the Wood. We took down a small barn and used pieces of the wood to make clocks for each of the family members so they all have part of the barn for themselves.
  • Sharon Sharon on Mar 25, 2018
    We have an old barn beam for a mantle I also have pieces from a barn that we are going to make shelves for our rustic living room! Below is a picture of the beam, I only used tung oil on it! No stain!
  • Joy30150932 Joy30150932 on Mar 25, 2018
    You could make an accent wall and attach the fixtures as a décor item.
  • Carrol Wyatt Matlock Carrol Wyatt Matlock on Mar 25, 2018
    make a fruit and vegetable container to hang on a kitchen wall...I made mine by cutting boards to 24w x 36L, then purchase 3 wire baskets and attach them to the board...
  • AlisonGrimes AlisonGrimes on Mar 25, 2018
    Years ago my husband built and stained a dry sink for me out of some of his family's barn siding that had been torn down. For years and many moves it was always placed in the dining room and acted as our liquor cabinet. The house we're in right now doesn't have enough room for it, so it has been converted to an outside 'gardener's station.' My daughter painted it and sealed the surface against the weather. We use the top for potting and displaying some of our plants. The inside holds bags of potting soil, fertilizer, pots, equipment, etc. It sits on the back deck and looks great. It will long outlast us and is a nice family 'hand-me-down' for our daughter.
  • Janice Janice on Mar 25, 2018
    I had a picture framed in old grey/aged barn wood by a friend who had the appropriate tools and miter box. The newly cut area, he stained slightly to blend in with the old wood and I love it even now.....about 25 years later.
  • Christel Christel on Mar 25, 2018
    Depends on how difficult of a project you want to tackle. I'm betting he would appreciate a nice photo frame made from the barn wood. Put a picture of his parents (if he was raised on the farm) or his wedding photo inside. Gives it a personal and sentimental touch.