Asked on Mar 25, 2018

I'm trying to find small wood project to make that I can sell.



Need something not so time consuming but that will sell. I am pretty handy..

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  • Look on Pinterest for some great ideas.
  • Lynn
    on Mar 25, 2018

    Bird house
  • Jacquie
    on Mar 25, 2018

    You can make magazine racks, an umbrella stand, end table, plant stand...
  • Laura Cooper
    Laura Cooper
    on Mar 25, 2018

    Do you have a jigsaw. Some wonderful and simple projects to create on a jigsaw including personalized welcome signs and keychains
  • Sharon
    on Mar 25, 2018

    Candle holders, coasters!
  • Sharon
    on Mar 25, 2018

    Unique bird houses are big here, my neighbor makes one from tree limbs (especially ones with lichens or toadstools growing on them, he adds a little perch out of the entrance hole, and puts a little slanted roof on them. I have a girl friend who makes them with moss roofs on a piece of wood, very shaggy looking boxes to hang on a tree
    Another popular one here is lighthouses, lots of people collect them.
    And lastly we have lots of chain saw artists who make all kinds of bears mostly after all this is oregon.
    My Dad spend all his time carving bird, duck and goose decoys, and carving sea creatures out of driftwood like seals, pelicans, etc.
  • 2dogal
    on Mar 25, 2018

    Everyone loves birdhouses. They can be painted, left natural wood - so many ways to decorate.
    on Mar 27, 2018

    Flower pots, planters are also a easily built popular item!

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