agonizing over paint color

I hate builder beige. Our whole house including the garage is the same awful color. I have very lite aqua, viola sheers under our cornice boards. Not sur if I should use a bold color or light color paint to make them "pop"
q agonizing over paint color, home decor, living room ideas, paint colors, window treatments, windows, Cornice board fabric
Cornice board fabric
q agonizing over paint color, home decor, living room ideas, paint colors, window treatments, windows, Sheers ready to go up Boring builder beige walls
Sheers ready to go up. Boring builder beige walls
q agonizing over paint color, home decor, living room ideas, paint colors, window treatments, windows, Colors in our rugs eating area and family room
Colors in our rugs (eating area and family room)
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  • I would go with the medium taupe color in your rug or fabric which would look rich on your walls. This color is a neutral color so you can make your colors pop. Then choose it a bit lighter for other rooms/hallways. Each room should flow and have an element of the same color going from room to room. My foyer is red and family room is chocolate (which has accent colors that are found in rooms connected) and the rest of the downstairs are neutral tones in different shades that compliment each other and I carry the color and tone throughout to make it flow. Does this make sense? I always go get a few samples of each color to tape on each wall to find out how the light reflects and changes its color. It may look gray in the store but it can turn more yellow or even blue when you get it on the wall. I have added photos I just took standing in my foyer at the front door-I hope this gives you an idea to work with...
  • Laura Davis-Miller Laura Davis-Miller on May 04, 2014
    Thanks Renee, but trying to get away from taupe, beige, greige. To me, Gray just makes me feel like I'm in a hospital.
  • Rustic & Refined Rustic & Refined on May 04, 2014
    This is easy for me to say because it's not my room (or my budget) but I'd go bold. I'd add wainscoting or beadboard up to about 40" high or right underneath your light switches (painted black) and the walls white. and I'd paint your ceilings a blue in your drapes.
  • Shari Shari on May 04, 2014
    Advising you on the computer is a bit difficult because the closeup photo of your fabric reads more blue to me but in the distant photo of the whole cornice, it reads more gray. You might be able to successfully use a shade of aqua, either lighter or darker than your sheers but it's just so hard to say. If I was there in person, I might advise you differently but sitting on this side of the computer, my suggestion would be to choose an off-white color with either very pale blue/aqua or gray undertones. Off white is not very exciting but it would be a neutral and fairly safe choice as long as you don't get an off white with pink, green or creamy yellow undertones. If you have trouble detecting undertones in paint colors, take a blank sheet of pure white computer paper to the paint store with you. Pick out some off white paint chip cards and then lay them, one at a time, on the white paper and you should be able to see undertones more clearly.
  • Laura Davis-Miller Laura Davis-Miller on May 04, 2014
    Bought foam board and 4 sample paints today...
  • Funnygirl Funnygirl on May 04, 2014
    Love a light aqua
  • Lisa Lisa on May 04, 2014
    I was going to say go two or three shades darker than the blue in your drapes, until I saw the colors in the rug. If you went with the darker brownish shade in the rug, your drapes would definitely pop. It would also complement your couch. (Grey reminds me of primer. I was so glad when they started making cars with colors again! But I fear you and I are in the minority on that point these days.)
  • Diane Diane on May 04, 2014
    Love,love,love the rug!! The bluish looking color might be good but hard to tell. Go with what you love
  • 117135 117135 on May 04, 2014
    I would pick a bit of a darker shade than your sheers. The darker blue tone will pull out the colors from the cornice board and the rug. I love the fabric on the cornice board too! I would not do a dark brown as your floors and tables are all dark. I would stick to the blue shades on the walls.
  • Laura Davis-Miller Laura Davis-Miller on May 05, 2014
    Dede, I've tried 2 shades of blue. Rain washed by SW turned mint green, and interesting aqua makes the whole window treatment fades away. Bought 4 sample jars yesterday, with poster board...still working on it :(
  • Mitziblueyes Mitziblueyes on May 06, 2014
    I'd do the blue from rugs and change the a creamy/ivory sheer drape...
  • Lisa Lisa on May 06, 2014
    What if you went with a bold aqua just on that wall? And then a lighter shade for the rest of the room. I'm thinking you need to go darker to make the couch and cornice and your shears stand out. Think of that one wall as your accent wall. My daughter painted the small wall behind her couch a chocolate brown and it looks gorgeous (and she has a black leather couch and it still works beautifully, so I wouldn't worry so much about dark floors and one single dark wall).
  • Teana F Teana F on May 06, 2014
    I would paint a deep brown color or a medium gray/putty color. I know you said no beige but these would be bolder colors. Google aqua duvet or aqua bedset and compare photos of bedding and wall colors. That might help better visualize. Also your going to need to introduce the aqua color into the room at least 3 times or it will look out of place. Vases and pillows are easy ways to accomplish this.
  • Marlene Wilson Marlene Wilson on May 06, 2014
    The drapes you chose are to die for! Hope you find the right color,good luck.
  • Laura Davis-Miller Laura Davis-Miller on May 06, 2014
    I ended up finding Forest khaki at walmart (go figure after looking at SW, BM, Lowes & Home Depot), had it mixed at Lowes. There are 2 shades of brown in the rugs, one being a "khaki brown" and there is a khaki shade in the cornice fabric. Up til 2 am painting, and OMG, it is perfect! You know that feeling you get when you know it feels just right? Thanks for all the suggestions...
    • Lisa Lisa on May 07, 2014
      @Laura Davis-Miller That sounds wonderful! I'm so glad you found something!
  • Rhonda Lee Rhonda Lee on May 06, 2014
    Khaki is great and I see you have a nice colonial blue accent wall that is perfect.....make some big pillows in that blue and add accent pillows in that tapestry !
  • Wanda sinnema Wanda sinnema on Aug 05, 2014
    stunning fabric.. love the mix of traditional fabric and a modern rug..... please post a pic when you are done..
  • Patsy Patsy on Jan 24, 2015
    I think soft grey would be wonderful.