What can I do with a ceiling with unwanted wallpapered? Paint? Remove?

The paper was hung 17 years ago and is in good condition. I plan to sell my home this year and want it estheticly pleasing before listing it.

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  • Sandy Sandy on May 01, 2018
    I would leave it for the new buyer. Everyone puts their own thoughts into a house. If I saw that I would tear it down and paint but someone else? Now if you are advertising move in condition...then I would tear it down and paint. Good luck!
  • M.H. M.H. on May 01, 2018
    Hi! Maybe get some of that wallpaper remover stuff. Then the tool to scrape it completely off. I’m afraid if you painted over it, you would have to do a lot of layers of paint. Also if you did paint over it, later on down the line it may fade or start to peel. Good luck! Hope I’ve helped a little bit.
  • Ken Ken on May 01, 2018
    Many times ceiling paper was used to cover cracked plaster. If you remove it you will have to deal with the cracks. You certainly could paint it and that would be the low cost option if the appearance is what you desire. There are also adhesive installed ceiling tiles that have a high-end appearance like tin ceilings and others.
  • Well, if it still looks nice why bother? Generally speaking, prospective buyers go in thinking about the changes they'd want to make anyway. It wont add value to your home.
  • Linda Linda on May 01, 2018
    I agree take it down. Would be a waste to paint it then it may start to separate And have to be redone before the sale. Its a lot harder to take down before painting than it is after. Make that ceiling a standout in the room for your effort. Good luck
  • Lisa S. Lisa S. on May 01, 2018
    Take it down.
  • Chas' Crazy Creations Chas' Crazy Creations on May 01, 2018
    Wallpaper can be tricky, so I would recommend trying to remove some in an inconspicuous space. If it removes well, then you can go with that route. If it shreds and it terrible to remove then painting over it would probably be best.
  • Diane Kirstein Diane Kirstein on May 01, 2018
    Cheap & fast prime & paint. But be prepared that the glue on the wall paper is more then likely dried out & when you paint it may bubble. I personally would remove.
    If you remove scratch the wall paper then spray Dif wall paper remover or dilute dowey w/ water & spray. Let soak then lightly scrape. I use OOPS w/ water this way all the glue is gone & use a new sponge mop to wash any left behind product wait 1 day then paint.
  • Diane Kirstein Diane Kirstein on May 01, 2018
    BTW if you choose to leave it alone even though new buyers are going to make changes this will be another project they will have to do & use that against you to get you best offer. I’ve learned that from experienc. Most buyers are looking to move in w/ little to do to make it their own. Unless they want project.
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