Asked on May 22, 2018

How to fix a mis-drilled hole so I can drill another 1/8" beside it?

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I know, measure twice, drill once, and I did that. I could have sworn everything was perfect but I still managed to make a mistake.
I need to drill a second hole which will overlap the first one. What do I need to do so the second hole isn't too big? Is there something hard enough that I can fill the first hole and then drill through it?
In case you're wondering, I'm installing a knob on the right door of a cabinet and it has to match the positioning of the knob on the left side.
Thanks in advance.

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  • Dfm
    on May 22, 2018

    There is s wood putty that should set up hard, or use Elmer’s wood glue and sawdust to fill the hole. Make a paste of it and stuff it the hole.
  • Linda
    on May 22, 2018

    If the hole was drilledin a wall, there are tubes of repair filler for small jobs. A link attached in case its needed. Good luck

  • Nancy Turner
    Nancy Turner
    on May 22, 2018

    I have heard of people using toothpicks to fill a hole along with wood glue or another type of adhesive. Your hole may be to small for that, though.
  • Laura Cooper
    Laura Cooper
    on May 22, 2018

    The wood putty shrinks a little, so fill it, let dry, fill again, dry, sand and proceed with your knob
  • Gail Willson
    Gail Willson
    on May 22, 2018

    Thanks to all of you. I got some wood filler and have filled the hole. I'm just waiting for it to dry so I can sand and re-drill. If that doesn't work, I'll try the toothpick trick.
  • Bob The Honest Handyman
    Bob The Honest Handyman
    on Dec 20, 2019

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