My brother brought this to us today I want to do a water feature

I need suggestions for this it is the end of a large propane tank I know I need to sand it down but would welcome ideas this an area were water stands so we had to do something any way
q my brother brought this to us today i want to do a water feature
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  • Nan Bonear Nan Bonear on Jun 11, 2018
    woah...that is So Cool!....but..problem, with water feature is..look at that rust it's already got, means the metal won't make for a good water will need to be coated in ..something...non toxic...........have you considered turning it into a really cool firepit? Lot less work!
  • Teacup8885 Teacup8885 on Jun 11, 2018
    Sand it, paint it with a metal paint, put clear coat, maybe turn it upside down, put a hole in center, find a rod that u could run a hose thru to male a mushroom waterfall!!?
  • That is way super cool! I'd leave it as is, spray on a clear rust protector on the outside then try maybe Flex Seal in clear on the inside. You could run water into it and have it overflow or have a bubbly fountain thing inside it. That's an awesome gift!
    • Wanda oliver Wanda oliver on Jun 11, 2018
      i like the idea of the flex seal but it does not leak I am looking at maybe a copper exterior with a blue interior a pump with a waterfall. And some kind of nautical accents I have sea shells already I just need a feature piece for the water fall and maybe a few koi
  • Wanda oliver Wanda oliver on Jun 11, 2018
    Thanks already have the fire pit and actually my brother made one like this in to fire pit no the rust is not as bad as it looks will have to be sanded the edge grinder and painted inside and out I am getting a solar pump just loking for paint ideas and decore I am trending on nautical since I have a lot of that stuff sea shells for the bottom so forth thank you
  • Wanda oliver Wanda oliver on Jun 11, 2018
    thats pretty much the idea it is more solid than it looks just servise rust it has the handles on the side we will sand it grind the edges paint in and out then bury and level it add a solar pump the ideas I am lookin for are paint colors and themes I could go nautical add koi or I could go sec roll tide lol just asking for some artistic input here ladies and gentelmen
  • 27524803 27524803 on Jun 11, 2018
    great idea.... you might have to put a pond liner on the inside... to protect it from rusting... but they are readily available at a home improvement store... then just do a decorative edge... plumbing it would be easy too
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