Asked on Sep 24, 2018

Hi! Stairwell from hell!



Hi There! I usually answer questions but today I'm stuck (and have been for a while). These are the stairs up to the second floor in my 100 year-old home. My first question concerns the wall. The paint has peeled, so I've been pulling/scraping it off. I'm looking for a way to repair and refinish the wall. It's full of holes, cracks and uneven poor repairs. It's plaster and lathe.

The second question concerns the stairs themselves which are steep, worn (clearly) and have a thin depth. I can't afford to replace them and am looking for possible suggestions to increase the depth of them.

Thank you!! :-)

q hi stairwell from hell
q hi stairwell from hell
q hi stairwell from hell
2 answers
  • Deborah
    on Oct 11, 2018

    Okay this one I am working on was lime green! Walls and steps! I used a primer/paint two in one and paid my family to paint. I still need to get up to the ceiling to edge between wall and ceiling. The steps are covered with black vinyl. I did the patchwork with plaster repair which was the easy part of this job. Why not paint the steps and cover each with a durable cover? I will never finish this project if I expect perfection! Its not gonna happen.

  • DP
    on Oct 11, 2018

    The wall- to do this cheap maybe 1/4 inch plywood over the wall then paint, it would cover the holes, you could put a piece of trim at the edges.

    The stairs I don't know how to give them more depth sorry. My basement steps were slippery and needed painted, I painted them then put strips of the anti kid type tape on them so our feet wouldn't slip off the edge. Wish I could help more.

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