How do I rotate my fan for the summer and winter months?


This really isn't a DIY question but what is the theory of reversing the ceiling fan rotation between Summer and Winter?

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  • It's about the direction that the fan moves the air. In the summer, run it counter-clockwise to blow air straight down. In the winter, run it clockwise, creating an updraft and moving warm air down.

  • Russbow Russbow on Nov 09, 2018

    In summer you need or its better if you can FEEL the moving air, so it blows down on you. In winter you do not want to feel moving air, even if warmer it will feel cold. Also, the warm air going up, across the ceiling then down in front of the WINDOWS, where most of the cold comes in due to the lower R value of glass. Thus the warmest air goes down over the coldest coming in, to average the room temperature

    • Gary B Gary B on Nov 10, 2018

      Thanks for the reply. I was under the misconception that it would be best for the warm air to blow down instead of up to the ceiling.

  • Sondra Sondra on Nov 09, 2018

    Since warm air rises on it's own, during the winter you want your ceiling fan to force the cooler air from below up towards the ceiling. This will cause the warmer air, which naturally rises toward the ceiling, to be forced lower into the room where you can feel it.

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    • Russbow Russbow on Nov 12, 2018

      I once went into a restaurant with my wife, and it was cold. A heating service company truck was parked outside, and a service man was looking at the system. ALL of the ceiling fans were running BACKWARDS for winter. I contacted the manager, explained the situation, and said he likely did not need a service tech, simply reverse all the fans.

      The next Sunday we attended the same place for brunch, and the manager spotted me and came over. He thanked me profusely as he said the TECH from the service company DID NOT KNOW THAT. Crazy. Ps, I am an engineer.

  • Laura Caragher Laura Caragher on Nov 10, 2018

    Counter-clockwise in summer to pull cool air up, clockwise in winter to push heat away from the ceiling and down to you. This may be different if you have baseboard heating.

  • Laura Caragher Laura Caragher on Nov 13, 2018

    I live in Tucson. Works for me. Every heating and cooling site says the same thing. Counter-clockwise in summer, clockwise in winter on a lower speed. Hot air rises - why keep it at the ceiling.

    Unless your vents are on the floor or below your fans, it makes sense.

    Glad your way works for you. I ledt one link. Side note: I just purchased 2 ceiling fans which give the same circulation instructions.