How do I choose a paint color for my doors?


I painted my hall and trim now trying to decide what to do about these old doors. I was thinking a safe white but also considering a dark grey like gunmetal. Opinions please!!

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  • Flawless Chaos Flawless Chaos on Feb 08, 2019

    Hi Melissa,

    I say paint them. I had similar doors in cabin we renovated. We added small trim detail and painted ours white....see our project:

    I vote white, but gunmetal would be unique.

  • Gk Gk on Feb 08, 2019

    Hello Melissa! I painted my old bifold closet doors in 2 rooms a gunmetal gray! I love them! I used Nautica At Home paint found at Menards. Interior Satin finish. The color is Monument. I did prime first with a gray primer. Looks like the same kind of doors as far as the wood and the color!

    • Melissa Holleman Melissa Holleman on Feb 08, 2019

      I like the idea cause I’m on a budget so I’d rather paint the ones that are in good shape. I kinda like the idea of the bold.

      What is your opinion on this... some of my hall doors are visible from a large space that has two exterior doors, should I paint them the same color or just leave white?

      Thanks so much it’s good to have ppl to bounce ideas off of!

  • Danae Boncal Danae Boncal on Feb 08, 2019

    I think gunmetal sounds great. I'd like to see your finished project.

  • I bet the gunmetal gray would be fantastic. If you have a large piece of cardboard, paint that and stick it on the door to get an idea of how it will look if you're unsure.

  • Gk Gk on Feb 08, 2019

    In response to your question Melissa! My dining room closet door is painted the gray I mentioned. My two exterior doors that visible from that room are white. I think it looks fine. One thing I might mention for you to consider is that I see you have white/offwhite trim. I don't know what your plans are for the trim if you paint your doors gray. It might look wierd to have 3 colors--wall color, door color and white trim plus the white of your exterior doors. I have oak trim with a medium stain on it. It really doesn't distract from the gray color--it compliments it well--and in my floor tile I have gray areas so it all works. I have a very very neutral light gray paint on my walls and some dark gray furniture plus gray kitchen cabinets too--so it all works. If you want a more cohesive look between your trim, your interior doors, and your exterior doors--then white is the way to go--even though I LOVE my gray closet doors!)

    • Melissa Holleman Melissa Holleman on Feb 09, 2019

      oh and also I have to replace a couple of doors so I can paint them however to see how it would look and it’s ok

  • Dee Dee on Feb 11, 2019

    I have the same doors and I just re-stained them in a darker color. Looks great.