How do I choose color for my front door of my red brick home?

Annie Cooley
by Annie Cooley

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  • Any color that floats your boat! A sunny yellow would be pretty. So would the right shade of blue. Or go classic with white or black. Just depends what you want to do - stand out and make a statement or blend in.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Mar 05, 2019

    Hi Annie, Collect a Colour Paint Card from DIY to match up to bricks or take a brick to the DIY, or go for Turquoise........

    • Annie Cooley Annie Cooley on Mar 07, 2019

      Thank you so much, if I could paint the prick I would. Our HOA restricts such actions. I think a soft teal green looks hopeful.

  • Go on pinterest and search for brick exteriors to see what color combos speak to you.

    • Annie Cooley Annie Cooley on Mar 07, 2019

      My brick house is the ugliest brick!!

      Ive searched long hours trying to come up with the right color. Previous owners painted the door shiny royal blue. It’s a metal door. Thank you for all your help. The blue has to go.

  • Holly Lengner - Lost Mom Holly Lengner - Lost Mom on Mar 05, 2019

    Hopefully you don't have an HOA, otherwise you will most likely have to get the color approved. You should chose a color you like and something to compliment your house. I love bright doors because they really make the house pop.

    • Annie Cooley Annie Cooley on Mar 07, 2019

      Unfortunately we do have HOA. A lot of restrictions, no fences, no adding without approval. My front door is in shadow most of the day, so I think it needs to be a light color. Thank you for your advice.

  • Christine Christine on Mar 05, 2019

    Find a red paint color chip that matches your house color. Take it to the hardware store and let your eye go to the colors that you like. Pick out about four or five colors that attract your eye and get samples made. Take them home and paint some large pieces of cardboard and place them against your door. Then step back in your yard and see which ones you like. Keep trying until you find the one that makes you smile the most. And that will be your color. Don't worry about your neighbors. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks. If this is the color that makes you smile when you drive up, this is the color for you. 😍

  • V Smith V Smith on Mar 06, 2019

    The complementary color to red is green. But I think red brick is more of an exterior neutral so you can do any color and have it work. Pick a color that you enjoy and then look at different values of that color. Let's say you pick purple. Well, it can go to the blue side or the red side. The same with your bricks, do they lean a little to the orange side of red? The complement to orange is blue, so your purple should go more to the blue side. That is speaking in pure color. Now you would decide how much white you want to dilute your color. Do you want your purple to be a dark, rich jewel tone or a bright lilac? Adding a little black will mute the tone. This works with all colors. A close look at a color wheel will help you understand how color works.

    If you don't have a color in mind pick a color that you use inside your home and let your door be a preview of what is on the other side. Don't be afraid to let your freak flag fly, it is only paint.

    • Annie Cooley Annie Cooley on Mar 07, 2019

      Yes thank you, I am on the shadeds of green trail. Maybe a light teal because the window trim is a greenish gray.

      thank you very much.

  • Annie Cooley Annie Cooley on Mar 07, 2019

    I’m afraid my Freak Flying would be against HOA restrictions. Ha! Thank you V for you lesson in color theory. Very informative. I’m gonna keep this.

  • Leah Leah on Mar 07, 2019

    Find a crayon or marker same color. Color a large spot, then try different colors. Your paint store can match the color of the crayon you vvhose.

  • Leah Leah on Mar 07, 2019

    I want to add, everybodies eyes see color differently. You want something that pleases your eye.