Top Magical Furniture Projects Using Unicorn Spit

Unicorn spit is the latest trend that will help you transform your furniture from old to gold. The simple paint technique can have a huge impact and is perfect for those who want to add a splash of color.

Unicorn spit stain can add a magical sparkle to your room. This guide will showcase some of the best examples of unicorn spit and show you how to create some unicorn spit stain projects of your own. This overview should help you create some fantastic unicorn spit designs and inspire you to add a magical touch to your room and home.

By Best Of Hometalk

Unicorn Spit Galaxy Table on Glass

While it might not sound particularly appealing, unicorn spit looks phenomenal and can really help change how your furniture looks and feels. The paint works together to

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How to Apply the Unicorn Spit Paint?

First, you start by wetting the surface that you are going to be giving the unicorn spit treatment. It shouldn't be drenched, but moist enough. Then, squeeze the paints

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How to Get the Unicorn Spit Look?

Spray again with water and then cover with a plastic drop cloth. Allow the air to suction out and then begin swirling the paint around underneath the plastic.

Ensure that

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Unicorn Spit as a Magical Decoration

Unicorn spit doesn't just have to be used to repurpose old furniture. You can use the technique itself to create a dramatic and thought-provoking work of art. Creating

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Unicorn Spit as a Room's Centerpiece

Unicorn spit can be used as a focal point in a room, such as a coffee table in a lounge. The color scheme of the unicorn spit can match the color scheme of the room or

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Unicorn Spit on Garden Furniture

Unicorn spit doesn't just have to be used to bring a sense of magic and mysticism to the inside. Following the same basic principles, you can add unicorn spit to patio

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Unicorn Spit Design Fish Bowl

Just because something has to be in a room, it doesn't mean you can't decorate it to match the room's theme. Turning one side of your fishbowl into a unicorn spit paint

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Unicorn Spit for a Controlled Design

If you really wanted to showcase your skills with unicorn spit, you could embark on a project such as the one that Hometalker Mary Alice did, wherein she painted over her

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Unicorn Spit on Glass

Muted designs could bring unicorn spit into more of a decorative role in your room, yet still draw the eyes of all who enter. Painting on an old glass oil lamp with

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Unicorn Spit Bathroom

Why settle for separate pieces of furniture when you can transform your entire bathroom with unicorn spit? Hometalker Michelle McCaughtry used unicorn spit to paint her

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Unicorn Spit Desk

Unicorn spit can work well with an item of furniture that is slightly magical to begin with. Enchanting this desk with unicorn spit evokes warm feelings of sitting and

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Unicorn Spit Room Inflections

If you wanted to start on something smaller with unicorn spit but want something that will definitely have an impact, add a unicorn spit paint coating to your light

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Making Unicorn Spit Work for You

Unicorn spit is incredibly simple and perfect for all stages of DIY enthusiasts. Some people choose to add elements of unicorn spit to a room, while others choose to

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