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How to Make a DIY Animal Photo or Place Card Holder

Have some plastic toys laying around your house? I have the perfect project for you—a DIY animal photo holder! **Original blog post with links**

Pottery Barn Valentine's Pedestal Bowl Dupe Using Dollar Tree Items

I am just in love with this Valentine's Day edition Pottery Barn Pedestal Bowl Dupe. From the size to the Candy Pink color peeking through the stone look. And the best pa…

Dollar Store DIY Decor: Black and Gold Candle Holder

A little imagination is all it takes to make fun things with dollar store supplies!

Faux Stone Finish

Natural textures are trending again this year and stone complements this with its organic tones and rough surfaces. No, not a real one! We’re going to make a faux versi…

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Can I reupholster vinyl chairs with cloth?

I have this seventies bar and two chairs my husband wants me to keep. Because the bar has the television at eye level. I can't seem to find the piece of furniture that ha…

Lost and found?

Found this and it is in a railing box, does anyone know what it is and how to care for it?

Accent Pillow indecision?

As you can see I have three sets of pillows under consideration for these chairs in our small foyer.You need to click the photo to see the area rug.Opinions please

How to grow this plant?

What is this plant called (name)?

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DIY Small Baking Cabinet Organization Idea

While I have a larger kitchen, my baking cabinet that houses all my baking pans is small. Follow along and see how I did my baking cabinet organization in this small 24 i…

How to Make Succulent Soil and Repot Your Succulents.

A few years ago, I made my own succulent soil and it was time to do it again. Now this time, we had a huge rain/ice storm move through and all the bags of sand were froze…

How to Make a Wire Sculpture: Modern Line Art in 3D!

I was browsing Instagram the other day and I came across a beautiful image of a living room. But it wasn’t the room that caught my eye, it was the quirky, modern sculptur…

Upcycled Winter Floral Candle Jar Display

This project is simple, and the only materials I purchased was the floral. Everything else I had on hand. I'd love if you created your very own too!

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Petite Bookshelf Makeover, Includes Video for Wrinkle-free Decoupage T

Hi, I'm Liz from SimpleDecoratingTips.com a DIY and decorating blog. I also own the DIY supply shop Frame and Frills.

Boho Wall Hanging

I’ve seen many versions of this, especially with mirrors, but I just wanted something simple and organic. This was so inexpensive and so easy to make.

3D Numbers From MDF – Using Basic Tools

My sister's son turned 13,she asked if I could make the number 13 in 3D.The numbers will serve as a table decoration at the Bar Mitzvah party!I accepted the challengeMaza…

Hanging the Twin Nursery Wallpaper Mural

Eeeesh you guys, it's been a minute. I mean *cough* almost an entire year...But for (two) really good reasons! I've been figuring out how to be a twin mom to two beautifu…

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Coat closet redo ideas?

I have a coat closet right at the entrance. We live in a condo. Picture shows what it looks like today. We just renovated our house, so some items that don't belong anywh…

Help me decorate my front Porch

My front porch is really awkward, how should I decorate it? Wouldn’t mind having some chairs or a bench but where would I put it?

How to refinish this table top?

Hello- I got this wonderful table at an auction and I painted the legs but want to keep the top the natural color- it has some scratches in it and it needs to be "sanded"…

Hiding plumbing on floating Vanity

I had a contractor install a floating bathroom vanity. Without my prior knowledge the vanity did not fit correctly with the existing plumbing from walls. They installed…

Hardwood Floor Refinishing?

I had my floors refinished and I am not thrilled at all. There are circular sanding marks and deep gouges from them trying to remove the previous finish that was on my fl…

How do I remove oil marks from oak veneer table?

Hi there, I recently purchased an oak table with a white washed veneer top. I've been super careful, using mats at every meal and wiping down quickly, BUT I already have…

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DIY Coasters – Recycled Tin Cans

This simple project and doesn’t require many tools or materials. I hope you enjoy this recycled tin can coaster craft. If rustic rusted isn’t your style don’t worry you c…

Easy Furniture Flip Under $7

I took a small table my sister was going to throw away and gave it a makeover. I needed a small entryway table to put my keys, laundry quarters, shades, and masks. This t…

Diy Daisy Ring Tray Making

I made a very stylish ring plate in this post.

Diy Pyramid Decor Making

I made a wonderful and very easy decor that will create a mystical atmosphere in your room at night.