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DIY Garden Mushrooms Using Thrift Store Glassware

Grab a few glass bowls, jars, old vases, colorful glass gems, and dollar store solar-powered lights to make these sparkly mushrooms for your garden!

How to Hem Curtains (2 Ways) WITH or WITHOUT Sewing

Whether you bought some pretty curtains you stumbled upon in a thrift store, or inherited them from someone, they’ll most likely need to get a new hem. It would be ludicr…

DIY Floral Candle Holder Design

Happy Wednesday! I hope that you are doing well. Today I'm showing you how to create a floral candle holder. A while back I created a succulent centerpiece, and I just lo…

Outdoor Wall Sconces

Grab some decorative mirrors and a couple of frames from Dollar Tree to make these beautiful outdoor wall sconces.

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How can I best make a family reunion keepsake?

To commemorate our family gathering (coming up in August 2022) I designed, hand wove, and registered a new family tartan. (We're not Scottish, but Scottish heritage is ve…

How can i lighten a seagrass headboard to make it more current?

How can I lighten, brighten or "bleach" a seagrass headboard to make it more beachy?

Is there something I can seal the seams with for peel/stick tile?

I unexpectedly needed to replace my bathroom floor. Couldn't afford the expensive stuff so I used a peel and stick floor tile. I am wondering if there is something I ca…

Ceiling fix?

We removed a wall and now need a temporary fix until the ceiling is repaired. This board needs to come down to access electric and make way for the ceiling repair however…

How do I update this vintage Burlington sewing box/bench????

The leather (maybe vinyl?) Is torn on top in a few places. All the rest is in tact. I need to fix one leg and def want to paint them, sticking with the blue/tan/orange co…

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Faux Bark Planter

Let’s makeover one of those rectangular plastic planters that we all seem to have. You will need some caulk and acrylic paint for this project.

Pool Noodle Furniture

I want to show you how to build a comfy bench out of pool noodles and wood for today's project.

Rainbow Tulip Wreath

Let's celebrate spring with a gorgeous tulip wreath in the colors of the rainbow.

Faux Stained Glass Garden Stakes

Stained glass art has been popular for centuries as they look bright, colorful and beautiful. I have always been very fascinated by the art and have tried to incorporate…

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How to Paint Ceramic

In this step-by-step tutorial, I’ll show you how to paint ceramic with no-bake ceramic paint. Painting ceramics is a fun and easy way to express your creativity, and with…

Hogwarts Wood Burned Coasters

Make a magical set of Hogwarts Wood Burned Coasters that's easy to make with Ikonart!

Dollar Store Pizza Pan Upcycle

I love the look of rope trays and today I want to show you how to make a DIY tray with rope handles.

Fake Granite Paintings Wall Art or Back Drop

Upcycle old canvas to make these simple and thrifty faux granite wall art or back drops.

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These hometalkers need your help! see all

How can I cover this eyesore?

Hello! I live in a pier and beam older home and had to replace the hot water heater with a newer one. We were having major work done due to a massive hot water leak that…

Landscape area in front of low retaining wall ?

I would like to add some flowering shrubs in front of this low retaining wall ( on right side of picture) It is around 50 feet long. Was thinking of one variety in a row…

Help me with the name of this tree please?

While riding around I found this tree in a neighbor’s yard. We have been looking for a mid-size three to replace our dying eucalyptus. I will hate to see this beautiful c…

How do i get paint to stick on this chair??

Sanded down, used rustoleum paint and it Still peels.

How do I clean blinds?

How can I clean this blinds? Thank you 😊

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Decorating One Hello Sign From Dollar Tree

Hi everyone! If you're new to my blog, I'd like to say welcome. I'm so happy to have you here. Today we are decorating one hello wooden sign from the Dollar Tree.

Hide Countertop Clutter

Today I am going to share a clever way to cover up the clutter on your kitchen counter.

Cheap Leaves Décor Hack

Realistic artificial Greenery can be so expensive. I want to show you how to make fake leaves that look high-end.

How to Make a Patriotic Wreath (using Nautical Rope)

In just a few simple steps, you can create a fun and festive heart-shaped patriotic wreath with nautical rope and denim ribbon. It’s a great wreath to display for Memoria…