Asked on May 22, 2019

How to remove coffee stains on carpets?

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How to remove coffee stains from carpet

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  • K. Rupp
    on May 22, 2019

    I use a handheld Bissell cleaner for spot cleaning on a rug. Put a carpet cleaner formula in the machine and spray with the nozzle. Lightly scrub and suck up all the liquid. It does wonders to remove stains and you can also use this method on upholstery. I have also tried a powder Resolve for removing stains on carpet and have gotten great results as well. But I don't know if anything beats the hand machine. Good luck!

  • Em
    on May 22, 2019

    Try Awesome spray from the Dollar store. Spray on the stain and sop up with paper towels. Then rinse well with a wet rag and mop up any remaining product in the rug. You may have to do twice, but Awesome releases most stains. It is an all purpose cleaner and degreaser that dissolve stains around the house other cleaners won't touch and costs only one dollar.

  • Joy30150932
    on May 22, 2019

    Any good carpet spot cleaner such as Bissell will help you to remove the stain.

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