Asked on Jul 6, 2019

How to seal/protect recently chalk-painted patio furniture cushions?

Cynthia HJMaura White


The cushions on my screened porch furniture (2 chairs & a loveseat) looked so outdated, I couldn't stand them any longer. Purchasing new ones were not in this year's budget, so I painted them with 2 coats of chalk paint, sanding in between coats and after the final coat. They are smooth and the color is just what I wanted. Now, how do I finish the job to seal and protect them since they do occasionally get damp during a windy thunderstorm?

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  • Gk
    on Jul 6, 2019

    Probably the only finish you can use on chalk painted fabric for outside use is wax. I don't think that using a poly finish over the fabric would work because it might crack from people sitting on the cushions. The wax might be more flexible on the fabric and give the cushions some protection from the elements. I would keep the cushions out of the sun and it sounds like you have them on a screened porch so they don't get too wet--just damp. I think your only option is wax but other DIYers might have a better suggestion.

  • Maura White
    on Jul 6, 2019

    I agree with using wax!

  • J
    on Jul 7, 2019

    Use scotchguard. My brother used it for his jeans before going skiing. His long johns stayed dry.

  • Cynthia H
    on Jul 11, 2019

    There is spray on waterproofing I've used on shoes and I found it to be flexible and waterproof. It wasn't expensive and I have used different brands, intended for shoes and boots. Good luck!

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