Asked on Aug 17, 2019

How do I maintain my window A/C so that it doesn't start to smell bad?

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Last year I left my window a/c unit in the window, in winter I covered the unit inside, to keep the cold air out. It smells like mildew now, I cleaned the filter(not the source of the smell). looks like mold/mildew on the metal fins inside. So my question is, If I cover it from the outside, will this prevent the issue, this year?

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  • Jonibee
    on Aug 17, 2019

    I'm looking for the same solution as I too have notice a musty odor....

  • Lifestyles Homes
    on Aug 17, 2019

    When it cools down, take it out of the window, put it on a picnic bench, or something else out in the yard and do the following:

    Unscrew and remove the outside shroud. Keep track of your screws in the order you took things off in, as there is more to be taken apart.

    Then take off the inner fastening plates that are keeping you from getting full access to the fins.

    Make sure the electronics are covered up with a plastic bag that you put duct tape around it,

    then get out your small spray bottle, fill it with vinegar and spray it everywhere.

    If you can turn it on its side, to get to the bottom, then then use the rest of the vinegar on it. Wait 5 minutes & then hose and blast it.

    Let it drip for another few minutes, while you go inside and put on your long gloves, an old long sleeve shirt, that new dollar store toilet brush, and your bottle of dollar store spray mold killer- it’s just bleach water, but it’s in a spray bottle for you. No mixing.

    Saturate the fins and use that brush to loosen the now wet mold after its sat for 5 minutes. Keep your face away from the splatters (goggled too). Blast it off with the hose and look at your results.

    Mold has to be mechanically removed after killing it.

    When its all clean metal then take the leaf blower and dry it, all sides.

    Now, did you find the air filters yet? They need to be soaked in bleach Solution & blasted too.

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