How can I bolster caving outdoor walls that are holding up dirt?


I have two walls outside (they are both holding up a lot of dirt). Can I plant something in back of them, to keep them from falling over? Like some kind of bush or trees?

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  • Mogie Mogie on Sep 08, 2019

    Get a pick axe and dig out the dirt. Back fill with gravel and french drain. No easy way really.

    It should have a “batter”, or pitch, so it leans toward the soil it’s retaining.

    Tie-backs, also called dead-man anchors, should be installed to tie the wall into soil well behind the wall.

    • Karin B. Karin B. on Sep 08, 2019

      Thanks for the suggestions. The walls were build ca. 60 years ago (at least one of them) and the person that did it, did not use Re-bars (that is why they are cracked and starting to lean away from the soil). I live on a hillside, so the dirt is behind the wall and the walls are about 3-4 feet high.

  • Mogie Mogie on Sep 08, 2019

    Good luck this isn't an easy job.

  • Kmdreamer Kmdreamer on Sep 12, 2019

    That might make them come down faster because of the roots will push them

    • Karin B. Karin B. on Sep 13, 2019

      Thought of planting the bushes/trees against the walls to hold them up. Both walls are free standing. Imagine an above the ground pool, were the water(dirt) is on one side off the pool wall and nothing on the outside of the wall. I’m thinking of planting something on the outside to keep the walls from falling over.