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What are the steps I need to do to darken the stain on stools?

Kathy Gunter LawWilliamGk


I have 4 wooden bar stools that are a light wood color, I would like to darken the stain to a med oak color. They do have a sheen to them. What is the easiest way to sand them down to prep for restraining???

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  • Dee

    Buy a few 220 sanding sponges. You do not need to sand down to bare wood, just enough to get the sheen off. Should only take a few minutes. Then get the color stain you want and stain with an old tshirt. Let dry a few minutes, and wipe off excess stain. If you want it darker, just restain.


  • Gk

    Gel stain is great for this project. Just know that the first coal of gel stain may look streaky. Plan on putting 2 coats of gel stain on and possibly 3 coats. Thin coats are better than thick coats. Minwax makes a good gel stain. General Finishes is another brand.

  • William

    You can stain over stain with gel stain. Any good brand will work. You can go darker but not lighter.

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    13 hours ago

    Mineral spirits to remove the "sheen" finish. You can remove the existing stain with a fine grain sandpaper. Sand down until all the stain is removed. However, since you are going darker you might want to lightly sand and then add the darker stain. Wipe quickly away and re apply until you achieve the shade you want. Then seal.

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