Asked on Sep 16, 2019

How can I patch up carpet burn?

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How can I patch cigarette burns shown in pic

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  • Deb K
    on Sep 16, 2019

    Hi MJ, go into an area where the same carpet is like the bottom of a closet or some space where you can cut some fibers off the carpet, then take those fibers and crazy glue them into place over top of the burn spot, I have used this technique in my hubby's truck when he has burned it, I cut fibers from under the seats. Hold the fiber and use the scissors to trim enough fibers to fill the cigarette burn, if it is really deep, maybe add a piece of material or foam painted close to the color of the carpet. Hope this helps.

  • Linda Sikut
    on Sep 16, 2019

    Hi Mj,

    I agree with Debbie that cutting pieces of carpet from an out of sight place and replacing the burned carpet with those pieces will work. I did my own and posted it on Hometalk. Here's the link showing the various steps I also took. Wishing you the best.

  • Baxter
    on Sep 17, 2019

    You might be able to find yarn at a craft store that closely matches the brown and white colors in your area rug. Buy the smallest skeins you can or better yet, ask a friend who knits for some of their stash). Cut small pieces of the yarn to glue over the burned areas. Working with very small yarn pieces, use a bit of glue to attach the yarn onto the rug. Other than tossing the rug, that is my only idea. Good luck!

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